《Details Unique to Duffle》Naval Duffle - Eco Fur

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Item No. 80450800004
Color : Brown / Navy
Size: 6/8

Among the AW22 items, this coat has a strong presence.
The design source is based on the duffle coat of the Royal Navy in the 1940s and the Irvine duffel from the First World War. Today, the duffle coat has a strong image of a student coat, but it was originally worn by Scottish and Northern European fishermen. There is a history that a British officer got this coat from a fisherman and adopted it as a military uniform of the British Navy. Therefore, the duffle coat has some details to protect you from the cold of the sea.

The front design symbolizes the duffle coat. It's a familiar design now, but why is it a toggle instead of a button? This is a design made so that it can be opened and closed even with gloves on in extremely cold areas.
This Naval Duffel - Eco Fur is designed to fasten the front with a hemp rope hooked on a hook instead of a toggle. The use of metal hooks creates an elegant atmosphere and gives it a feminine impression.

Large pockets on both sides. This is also one of the features of the duffel coat, and it is simple and large without flaps so that fishermen can enter with their gloves on.

When it comes to the collar of a duffle coat, the first thing that comes to mind is a large hood. This time, we adopted such a shawl collar for a calm and mature impression. I also appreciate the fact that the neck can be seen clearly. If you put the collar up, it will give you a different atmosphere, and it will keep you warm all the way around your neck, so we recommend wearing it in the winter.

Ezo deer leather tape that catches the eye on this coat. It's a one-tone eco-fur fabric, so this leather accents it and looks cool! In addition, the shoulders are designed to drop, so it has a luxurious feel unique to a fur coat and a moderately rough finish that is exquisite.

The fabric is made of Italian eco-fur. Made of recycled wool and polyester fabric, the pile is long, soft, and warm, and it is very light, so you can wear it for a long time without straining your body. This eco-fur fabric is limited and cannot be reproduced, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

I would like to apologize for one last short story. The duffel coat, which was originally used as a military uniform, now has the image of a school uniform. Wondering how that happened? It has to do with the end of the war. World War II ended in 1945, and military uniforms became unnecessary. At that time, military uniforms were released to the market as surplus items, and duffel coats also fell into the hands of non-military personnel. At that time, durable duffel coats were sold at half the price, so it became popular among young people and was associated with the image of school uniforms. The flow of the times and fashion are deeply related and interesting.

How was it. It is a special piece that gives a sense of respect for the historical duffle coat and a design for us who live in the present.


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