“ On sale October 8th (Sat) " FOX BROTHERS - BLACK WATCH FAIR

Hello everyone! This is the forest of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.

It's getting chilly in the past few days. It's the season when outerwear is active, but are you all getting ready for autumn and winter?

It's about time to enjoy autumn/winter fashion in earnest, and this is the long-awaited announcement! At Nigel Cabourn Woman, the Fox BROTHERS series, which is one of the season's most popular series, is launching this weekend!

" FOX BROTHERS Series October 8 (Sat) Nationwide release "

And it will be held with the start of sales on 10/8 (Saturday)"BLACK WATCH FAIR"In the target Those who purchase FOX BROTHERS items will receive an exclusive teddy bear. (*First-come, first-served and limited quantities. The gift will end as soon as the teddy bear is gone! )

"BLACK WATCH FAIR" Also eligible The FOX BROTHERS series Available in three types: double-breasted jacket, quilted skirt, and Bracey's pants. All of them are unbearably cool.

Double Breasted Jacket -Fox Brothers / DOUBLE BREASTED JACKET - FOX BROTHERS
Item No.80450800001

Colour: Check

Kilt skirt -Fox Brothers / KILT SKIRT - FOX BROTHERS
Item No.80450852003
Colour: Blown / Black

Bracy's Pants-Fox Brothers / BRACES PANT - FOX BROTHERS
Item No.80450850001

Colour: Check

Black Watch Tartan from FOX BROTHERS, a prestigious British flannel. The color scheme of blue, black, and green gives it a deep atmosphere.

As per the 250th anniversary labeling on this Fox Brothers item, FOX BROTHERS has long been loved around the world as the finest fabric of autumn and winter staples with its traditional manufacturing methods and design techniques.

Made exclusively from high-quality Merino wool, this texture is characterized by a soft, supple and elegant luster. FOX BROTHERS has been protecting this superlative, high-quality natural fiber for 250 years.

Not only is it of good quality, but it also has a strong and dignified presence due to its historical background.

The jacket has bespoke shoulder pads. The skirt is a kilt pin on the belt of Ezo deer. The pants come with popular linen-blend suspenders. The details of each of the three types are specifications unique to Nigel Cabourn Women!

And this calculated pattern fits the body well again. They are really high-quality items from fabric to silhouette. I had to try on all three types first, but the fabric is fluffy and very easy to wear, just like the presence of the Fox Brothers Black Watch!

Please give it a try!

All the staff are looking forward to your visit. We also accept inquiries by phone and mail order, so please feel free to use ♩ it.


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