《EMBROIDERY series》Surgical Gown Dress / Surgical Gown Blouse

Hello blog readers. This is Kiriyama of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.
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Surgical in the product name (Surgical) has the connotation of surgery. As the name suggests, surgical gowns are inspired by vintage surgical gowns. The correct way to wear it as a surgical gown is to wear it without a ribbon. Nigel Cabourn WOMAN surgical gowns are designed to be worn either front or back. The dress type also comes with a petticoat.

ナイジェルケーボン サージカルドレス

ナイジェルケーボン サージカルドレス

ナイジェルケーボン サージカルドレス
Height 162cm / Wearing size 8

Item No. 80450853002
Colour: Ivory / Charcoal Grey

Surgical gowns also have a history. I wore a white surgical gown because of the image of cleanliness, trust, and dignity, but doctors told me that my vision was blurred during surgery. The reason for the blurred vision was actually due to the white surgical gown. A certain color (Blood red) When you stare at a color and take your eyes off that color, a color other than the complementary color enters your field of vision, a phenomenon called an afterimage complementary color occurs. This was the cause of blurred vision. It is said that blue-green surgical gowns, which are complementary colors of red, were made in order to alleviate the phenomenon of complementary colors of afterimages.
The image below is pulled from a textbook I studied when I was a student. Depending on the color you continue to see, the color of the afterimage complementary color will also change. It's quite an interesting phenomenon. It is also said that the blood that flies on the blue-green surgical gown looks orange or black, so it softens the shock.

Going back to the story, I would like to introduce the blouse type. It is a short, A-line silhouette with a sharp cut of the surgical gown. It comes with a lot of cotton tape and it's cute. I recommend wearing it with military bread like Nigel Cabourn without getting too sweet!

ナイジェルケーボン サージカルガウン

ナイジェルケーボン サージカルガウン

ナイジェルケーボン サージカルガウン
Height 162cm

Item No. 80450810002
Colour: Ivory / Charcoal Grey
Wearing size: F

Item No.80450850003
Colour: Khaki / Dark Green
Wearing size: 8

It is an AW22 item, but both types are very popular and are likely to be sold out in the summer. If you are interested, please try it as soon as possible.


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