A summer coat useful for going out / FARMER COAT C/L

Hello everyone! This is the forest of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.

I think there are many people who are living a new life. How are you all doing?
I guess it's when I got used to my new life little by little. This year's GW, which is gradually getting easier to go out, is ♩ a place where you want to go somewhere.

Aren't you already excited about going out at such a time, looking for clothes you want to wear for the day, trying to make your favorite coordination, and getting dressed?

Today, we would like to introduce one of the best clothes for the outing season! It is a must-check item introduced in the other day's Instagram Live, so please take a look if you missed it.

So, without further ado. Perfect for going out this season, it is a farmer coat made of cotton linen material!

Farmer Court Cotton linen / FARMER COAT C/L
Item No. 80440800004
Colour. Orange / Beige
Size. 6 / 8

Some of you may be familiar with the popular design source. It is a summer coat based on the farmer blouse worn by shepherds in the 1940s.

Actually, I bought ♩ both colors, and the design based on the farmer blouse has appeared several times so far, and I was worried about purchasing each time, but this time I was surprised that it was a cotton linen typewriter fabric and the front opening, so I decided immediately!

The dry touch and light fabric feeling of cotton linen is very active in the recent changeable climate, and I already use it. Especially in the last few days, natural beige colors have come into ♩ play.

The silhouette is a design that I really admire. You can wear it in a jacket or dress, and the satisfying part is an ally for women!

It is also nice from the side. It's just tied lightly once, but depending on the atmosphere, I ♩ sometimes tie a ribbon depending on the mood at that time.

It really helps that there are pockets on both sides. It's a subtle and happy point!

And recently, the weather has been changing rapidly, such as summer days and sudden heavy rains. This spring seems to be catching up with this season when people are already worried about what to wear.
It feels like the rainy season, but I started wearing short sleeves too! If it gets a little hot during the day, take it off quickly and it's like this.

Since it can be held lightly, it is easy to put on and take off without being bulky! During this time of year when the weather is changeable, styling that makes it easy to regulate body temperature is useful even when you are on the go.
It is recommended ♩ to wear it as a coat in the cool mornings and evenings, and to beat the heat of the day with a short-sleeved cut and sew top.

In this way, the ability to faithfully incorporate vintage details while still being able to wear designs that match the lifestyle of the modern woman is the charm of Nigel Cabourn Women.

Height 165cm / Wearing size: 8

Farmer Court Cotton linen / FARMER COAT C/L
Item No. 80440800004
Colour. Orange / Beige
Size. 6 / 8

1970's Sailor Big T-Shirt / 1970's SAILOR BIG T-SHIRT
Item No. 80440821000
Colour. Off White / Red / Navy
Size. 6 / 8 / 10

5 pocket jeans / 5POCKET JEAN
Item No. 80440850025
Colour. Indigo
Size. 6 / 8 / 10

By the way, this is what it looks like when you close all the front buttons and wear it in a one-piece style!

It is also good to mark the waist like this to show the silhouette,
If you dare to take it off and wear it...

You can ♩ also enjoy a style that makes use of the A-line naturally.

The secret to this farmer coat being able to maintain a beautiful feminine appearance in any silhouette is the particular details.

A delicate and careful gather is applied at the collar. The silhouette that spreads from the gather here to the hem is unbearable.

This feeling of the stand collar is also a wonderful design unique to French farmers!

The details of the back style are also tucked, so the lines of the body look beautiful and beautiful.
By the way, the belt that can be waist marked is designed to be sewn into the coat itself, so if you notice it, one of them is missing! There is no such thing. You can enjoy it with confidence.

In fact, the farmer coat is very popular with the staff, and Kiriyama also has a beige color! The two of us are ♩ wearing it together.
Staff personal belongings Nigel Cabourn It is relatively common for women to match, but we have the same wide pants in several colors, and I wonder how much they match、、。

However, when we were wearing this farmer coat together, I thought again that even if it is the same item, the way they are worn and the atmosphere of the person wearing it is different, and it is fun ♩ to see various sides of the clothes themselves.

Kiriyama's coordination looks like this!

ナイジェルケーボン ウーマン

Height 162cm / Wearing size 8

Combine flat shoes and straw hat in one piece as a dress.

By simply wearing a beautiful farmer coat, it retains a French feeling, and the styling removed with accessories is wonderful ♩.

Farmer Court Cotton linen / FARMER COAT C/L
Item No. 80440800004
Colour. Orange / Beige
Size. 6 / 8

Straw Hat / STRAW HAT
Item No. 80400866000
Colour. Green / Navy
Size. F

By the way, here is the orange color styling!

The orange color is beautiful with moderate vividness and easy to get used to.
It ♩ energizes me.

How was it??

It was an introduction to summer coats that are useful when going out, but when I decide on a coordination at this time, I think about it based on a feather cloth.
Depending on the climate and temperature, you can first ♩ decide what you want to wear, and then match other items.
It's a little chilly today, so I wear long-sleeved cut-and-sew coats and farmer coats, so I rely on feathers every day.

An indispensable item at this time of year, why not ♩ join the GW fashion army?


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