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Hello everyone! This is the riverfield of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.

It's Christmas! How are you all doing? There are many people who choose gifts at the store, and I feel very happy when I spend time choosing together while imagining the other person.

For such Christmas, I would like to introduce you to customer snaps!
When I'm in a store, I sometimes get asked, 'What kind of people wear Nigel clothes and how?' I was stunned there. Even if the store staff knows what kind of people are wearing it and how they are wearing it, it is normal for customers to not know each other. And I'm curious about how I wear my favorite brand of clothes ...!!

So, this time, with the cooperation of our customers, we would like to send you customer snaps from the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store! Thank you very much to everyone who cooperated.

* We have obtained the consent of the customer for the posting of photos. Please note that there are items with different seasons.

Let's talk about a couple who loves clothes.

Your husband's shirt and pants, your wife's jacket and skirt are all Nigel Cabourn items for spring and summer. I am always happy to praise the goodness of the Nigel Cabourn fabric. They coordinate with various leather shoes and wear clothes in a very nice atmosphere. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Next is a family Nigel freak customer.

They are a really close family, and the whole family loves Nigel Cabourn. Cherishing the size and balance of the clothes, both daughters and sons wear Nigel clothes as a family. The sense of size is really important, isn't it? I'm glad you checked out the blog as well! Thank you for your cooperation.

Next is Nigel Cabourn customer who wears a woman very cool.

This season's mod coat shirt and Red Wing side gore boots are all wonderful! Speaking of Nigel Cabourn, you can wear the image of workwear and vintage beautifully with your outfit. It's like a snap from overseas. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Next is a customer who loves England.

The AW20 Donegal Tweed had a parasitic corsage on the chest. The skirt is also well quilted and the feet are sanders, perfect British style. He is always very detailed about music and movies about the UK, and I learn a lot just by listening to him. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Next is the customer who always heals.

With a dress shirt and chinos, and a helmet back, the feet are totally coordinated with this season's VANS collaboration! I'm glad that the helmet bag has a charm and arranges it. It's nice that you can wear any item while enjoying the aging process. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

How about? I also always learn about styling from customers. I think that clothes are a tool that is intimately related to the condition of the day, so I imagine and associate them from the customer's coordination, and I think about incorporating them into myself、、、 and I study every day.

We hope that this blog will make Nigel Cabourn Women's clothes even more familiar to you.

See you next time.


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