Introducing Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone!

Today, we would like to introduce Christmas gifts from the Nigel Cabourn Woman Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.

In one week, it's Christmas. The streets of Ginza are also beautifully illuminated at night.

Now, I would like to introduce the lineup of recommended items from the Nigel Cabourn Woman Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.

Item No. 80390869000
Colour : navy/green/ivory
Size : Free

How about a gift for that person who took care of you? It comes in three sets of socks with different designs, so you can enjoy it in various styles.

Item No. 80430060001
Colour : green/red
Size : Free

The most popular stoles this season are green and red. (It's an unexpected Christmas color...) It's reversible, so you can change it depending on your mood.

Nigel Cabourn x Johnny Hoxton Carabiner
Item No. 80421267020
Colour : silver
Size : Free

Nigel Cabourn x Johnny Hoxton broad arrow
Item No. 80421267000
Colour : silver
Size : Free

Nigel Cabourn x Johnny Hoxton Whistle
Item No. 80421267010
Colour : silver
Size : Free

This accessory, which is in collaboration with Johnny Hoxton, is worn by the designer Nigel Cabourn himself, replacing it with a ball chain. It might be a good Christmas gift for someone special.

(left) RING05
Item No.80429767002
Colour : Silver

(Right) RING 02
Item No.80429767001
Colour : Silver

Touareg silver, which is called the native jewelry of Europe. It is made by the extant Tuareg tribe, a nomadic people in Africa. It is said that it is also effective as a talisman locally. A unique design that fits well with any clothes looks good as a gift.

Nigel Caourn TIMEX Referee Watch
Item No. 80392969010

A collaboration watch between TIMEX, a long-established American watch brand, and Nigel Cabourn. We often collaborate, but there are only a few designs left. Be sure to make it a candidate for this year's gift.

Item No. 80410861001
Colour : black / green
Size : Free

It is a helmet bag that is designed to be easy to use while having an impact on the appearance. A bag with a sense of humor in a casual style creates a good balance of styling.

Item No.80436969000
Colour : brown/black
Size : Free

The length of the strap can be adjusted by changing the knot of the strap inside the pouch. You can remove the strap and use it as a coin case or accessory case, so it would be a convenient item to have one in your bag!

Nigel Cabourn x Traveler's Company
Item No.80421269500
Colour : Camel

A notebook that allows you to spend every day together as if you were traveling is perfect for modern times. The cowhide cover, which enhances its taste and texture as you use it, is decorated with broad arrow. The original writing instrument that is particular about ease of drawing, the refill of the notebook is a Nigel Cabourn camo pattern!

How was it? All items are items that can be used by both men and women. If you haven't chosen a gift yet, or what kind of gift should you choose? I would be happy if I could deliver it to those who are considering it. I hope you have a nice Christmas.

Nigel Cabourn Woman offers gift wrapping. You can choose gift wrapping in the same way at the online store, so please use it.

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