Mix cardigan / MIX CARDIGAN

Hello everyone! This is suzuki from the nakameguro store.

Actually, I've been visiting the Tokyu Plaza store for about two weeks now.

The ladies' items are the same, but just by changing the store, it feels very fresh!

By all means, everyone, please visit a store that is different from the usual ♪ You should be able to discover something new by talking to the staff who are different from usual!

Well, this time I will introduce you to my favorite cardigan!

Mixed Cardigan - Long Sleeve

Color: Beige / Navy

Size: 6/8/10

Mixed Cardigan - Half Sleeve

Color: Beige / Navy

Size: 6/8/10

This cardigan has long sleeves and short sleeves, and I chose short sleeves! It's simple, but the vintage fabric collar and placket are a casual focal point.

Crunch pleats found in military underwear are used. The fabric is a cotton sheeting fabric and is characterized by its horizontal elasticity. It has a dry texture and is perfect for this season and summer. When you think of tenjiku, the first thing that comes to mind is bed sheets. It is a fabric that is perfect for bed sheets in terms of elasticity and texture. If such cotton sheeting is used for a cardigan, it will be as comfortable as you can imagine.

Long sleeves look like this. The button can be closed or open ◎ The long sleeves are sure to come in handy as you can easily wear it on chilly nights or during the rainy season.

Short sleeves look like this. Personally, I recommend closing all the buttons and wearing it like a cut-and-sew! It's still cold with just one, so you can wear it with long sleeves or a shirt inside ◎

It's getting warmer, so I feel like wearing something simple and light like this! It's an easy-to-match item, so don't think too much about it and enjoy matching it with various outfits♪

Well, we are waiting for you to visit us with all the infection measures!


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