Introduction of Naval Coat / NAVAL COAT

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Lately I have too many books to read and I want time. These are the days when I want to be better at using my time. What kind of days are you having? How can I get better at using my time? I feel like it's an eternal theme for me. (Sweat)

Today, we would like to introduce the Naval Court, which is appearing in the 2020AW following the previous British Naval Duffle.

Colour : Green / Navy

The design source is a duffel coat used by the British army in 1943 during World War II. Although it is a single piece, it uses a double-face fabric, so the lining may be visible at times.

Wearing a riding jacket inside. The thick sleeves that can be worn over a thick riding jacket and the width of the body that does not spread too wide are good as a jacket.

Like a boy together with Chino. Nigel Cabourn Woman's chinos come in two types. The model worn in this photo is a basic chinos. I hope you can convey this atmosphere that cannot be put into words.

What did you think? The placket part is a specific wing, so it can be fastened with a button when it is cold. Personally, I like to fasten it with only a toggle and wear it like a poncho.

Next time Nigel Cabourn I'd like to blog about the woman's type 2 chinos.

See you next time~!


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