Coordinates [British Naval Duffle]

Hello everyone. This is the riverfield of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.

The other day, we held at the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store during the Tokyu Plaza Point 5x period, and many people visited our store. While we are worried about going out due to the Corona disaster, we would like to thank you for visiting our store. Communication is important, isn't it? It was a very enjoyable time. Thank you very much.

Until the development of spring and summer begins, I would like to write a blog about coordination and recommended items.

Today we will talk about coordination.
I would like to introduce coordination using the British Naval Duffel, which has been receiving many inquiries recently.

Colour : Ivory / Navy
Size : 6 / 8 / 10

When you think of the UK, many people may think of a duffel coat. A charming design that everyone has seen at least once Nigel Cabourn It has also been announced in Women while updating it in various forms. This was announced in 2019AW. The outer fabric is made of melton, and although it has a filling, it is lightweight and does not swell. The ivory toggle uses hand-carved wood, and the navy has a buffalo toggle.

Crisp from the top of the overalls. I imitated the way the customer was dressed. This balance is good! !!

THE I paired it with a tartan quilt in an English atmosphere. I think this student feeling is cute...!

What did you think? What I value when coordinating is that the person himself is drawn to it. I think it's unexpectedly difficult to dress naturally. Recently, I have been thinking that finding a way to wear clothes that live the individuality of each person will enrich the mind with a natural body.

Let's endure the Corona disaster with your favorite clothes!

See you next time~!


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