《Archive cut and sew edition》FRENCH TERRY SWEAT SHIRT - CHUSEN DYE

Thank you for your continued patronage of Nigel Cabourn. This is Endo from Isetan Shinjuku.

An archive item that I want now.
Cut and sew today.

Item No. 80430020017
Color : Orange / Navy

Available sizes are as follows.

Orange: 46/48/50/52
Navy: 48/50

This is an AW21 item, and its expression is quite sharp.
Last year, Kamata from FLAGSHIP STORE and now wore a lot, and I honestly thought this.

"Is that good?"

… I want to scold myself a year ago.
This is great.

The dyeing technique is "Chusen".
They are all hand-made and represent the ethnic patterns of Kathmandu. Of course, each piece has a slightly different expression, and color unevenness and unique fluctuations occur.

The fabric is "French terry".
It's soft, has unique loops, is extremely absorbent, and is extremely comfortable to wear. The light texture and outstanding softness will not make you feel any stress. In this product, the fabric is turned inside out so that the loop is on the front side.

Among the many Nigel Cabourn sweats, I like this French Terry and 20.5oz the most.

The details of the boat neck and pockets are not too ordinary, but not too much, and are exquisitely seasoned. Perhaps, but a simple crew neck would not be so attractive.

186cm / Wearing size : 50

After all, it is good to put together in the same color system. Navy goes well with French style, especially moleskin.
It would be nice to match Orange with Green.

It's hard to find an item with this expression, so I think you can take this opportunity to get it. I think it will work well in spring and summer.

Currently, the Isetan Shinjuku store collects this type of cut and sewn item and offers a wide variety of items, so please stop by when you are in the area.

We look forward to your visit and inquiry.


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