"One of the best versatility" M-43 MODIFIED COAT

Thank you very much for visiting our blog and always using Nigel Cabourn Isetan Shinjuku. My name is Sano.

This time, we would like to introduce this item that shows one of the most versatile items in the 22AW collection.

Item No : 80450000002
Color : Green / Khaki
Size: 46/48/50/52

For details, etc. this article Since I am introducing it, I will introduce a simple explanation and styling.

The fabric is back satin, which is synonymous with Nigel Cabourn.

Versatile fabric that you can mix and match without worrying about the season. Moreover, it is easy to change over time by wearing it, and it is packed with fun to become one of your own.

I removed the collar of the M-43 flight jacket and used the flap pocket on the waist. The slanted sliced pockets are taken from RAF vintage items.

The detachable hood also enhances the versatility of wearing. I think it's also good to remove the hood and layer it with a hoodie.

However, what I recommend is to tighten it up to the neck. The atmosphere is greatly enhanced. When it comes to the standing condition of the hood at that time, this is unbearable.

Women can also wear it in an oversized size, so this time we asked staff Hiyama to wear it and styled it.

By the way, Hiyama will be last at Isetan today and will be working at Nakameguro from December.

175cm / wearing size 50


・NEW MEDICAL SHIRT / Wearing size: 50

163cm / wearing size 48

・Work vest-8well corduroy / WORK VEST-8WALE CORDUROY / Wearing size: 48

・French work pants - moleskin / FRENCH WORK PANT - MOLESKIN / Wearing size: 30

Not only is it suitable for casual styles, but it is also highly versatile and fits perfectly in the tie-up style that I am doing this time. There are no boundaries for this item.

The other day, I invited a friend to serve spice dumplings. I think that gyoza skin has a high degree of versatility that makes it delicious no matter what you put in it. Sometimes it might be good to have a combination of spices.

We look forward to your visit and inquiry.

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