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Thank you very much for visiting our blog and always using Nigel Cabourn Isetan Shinjuku. My name is Sano.

This time, we would like to introduce this item, which is a classic but is available in seasonal limited colors, and there are only a few left in all stores.

Mallory Jacket / MALLORY JACKET
Item No. 80411180000
Color : Indigo / Blue
Size: 44/46/48/50/52/54
The remaining sizes are Indigo: 44 / 48 / 50 Lblue: 50

It is a limited edition color that was released in 20AW 2 years ago. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the specs, so I'll give you a brief introduction.

As you know, "VENTILE" is arranged from the shoulders to the back yoke and elbows.

Great fabric made in England. Despite the fact that it is made of cotton, the water repellency and durability that are woven from fine weaving are the points that everyone recognizes.

This water repellency is irresistible. I don't think sudden rain is an enemy.

The body is of course made from the traditional British fabric "HARRIS TWEED".

The classic green color is the same, but the way this color is unique to Harris Tweed, which is different from other tweed fabrics, is attractive.

I think this mixed color is a unique color that can only be produced by Harris Tweed. At my previous job, I wore and saw a variety of tweeds, but Harris Tweed had the best color appearance.

By properly leaving the dead hair when making the fabric, it reduces damage to the fabric itself and creates durability that can withstand long-term wear.

We've already covered the appeal of this outfit in other articles, so from here on out, we'll introduce two patterns of coordination.

I coordinated with my vintage items.

After all, compatibility with this area is outstanding. Needless to say, it goes well with the current Nige Cabourn items, but I would also like to enjoy pairing it with the vintage items that are the design source.

It's a perfect match for this season.

M-43 Modified Pants / M-43MODIFIED PANT

Staff wearing size: 50

In order to show the feeling of wearing from a woman's point of view, we asked staff Hiyama to wear it. It's a little off-shoulder, but that's also good.

It is recommended for those who like men's-like dressing and those who are looking for outerwear.

This matching item is also a must-see.

Reversible sweat shirt /REVERSIBLE SWEAT SHIRT

British Army Pants - Loose Denim / BRITISH ARMY PANT-LOOSE DENIM

Staff wearing size: 44

Good things are good, regardless of gender.

I think it's the best outfit that will make you think so again. I think there are women who actually wanted to wear it.

If you are like that, please try it once.

Recently, I'm addicted to serving potato salad high like a fashionable izakaya. It is recommended to mash the potatoes after boiling them with consomme. I want to go in search of the best things that are particular about potato salad and clothes.

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We look forward to your visit and inquiry.


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