Thank you to everyone who reads our blog and always use Nigel Cabourn Isetan Shinjuku. The other day, I went to a modernism show at the Ginza MUJI HOTEL and got a pretty good chair. Finally, I would like to introduce a little! !!

This time, that pants that reigned as a standard have been brushed up from the AW21 and developed, and a new model has been released from that new standard that gained great popularity, so I would like to introduce that.


Item No.80440051030

There must be many people who have seen the catalog and are looking forward to the release. Thank you for waiting!! I think many of you know that it has a full length and has the best silhouette and specs, but I will introduce it.

The fabric is indispensable when talking about these pants. IT IS VINTAGE TWILL THAT IS USED. A smooth fabric feeling as if brought about by aging, and a nep feeling that makes linen and tweed look like a mustache. Furthermore, by repeating wearing and washing, the fabric itself becomes fluffy and brown, so the texture becomes more and the aging change is outstanding.

Next is this magazine pocket, Nigel Cabourn, a detail of vintage British trousers. I often see it inserted and removed from the grip in movies, but that was called a magazine, and it was a pocket to store that when it was replaced. In the British way, suits and coats also have magazine pockets inside to store pens and mobiles.

And the details around the waist cannot be removed. Since various equipment was attached to the belt, including a pistol holster, it was also useful for belt loops with buttons that were sturdy to prevent damage, and for quickly attaching and detaching equipment. It is also an interesting detail that the button changes depending on the age of the button.

Since the silhouette is brushed up, it is larger and wider from the watari to the hem than when it is made of satin fabric. As with GYM SHORT, which resized and reappeared this season, my impression of wearing it was that I thought, "After all, pants must be thick." As with the impact of appearance, now that the number of voluminous sneakers and sandals is increasing when you follow the trend, pants will prevent you from losing, and Nigel freaks and vintage freaks will wear boots even in the summer. Isn't this silhouette just right?

Whether it's boots, sneakers, or sandals, you can play a leading role, and I want you to try on this perfect pants that can cover everything from jacket styles to shirt styles, and try them on and fully feel the goodness. We look forward to your visit and inquiries.

Finally, I would like to introduce my favorite that I bought the other day, which I talked about at the beginning.

Author: Sori Yanagi

Date: 1960s

This is a Kotobuki FRP shell chair designed by Sori Yanagi for the Tokyo Olympics in the 1960s. Yanagi Sori is famous for its butterfly stools and elephant stools, but these are also hidden masterpieces. Good things are good regardless of the era, clothes, furniture, everything, but I think it's nice to be surrounded by things you like. Please ask Isetan Shinjuku store Sano to talk not only about Nigel but also about various things.



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