What could be my best buy [simple and elegant]

Thank you very much for visiting our blog and always using Nigel Cabourn Isetan Shinjuku. This is Sano, who went to Disneyland the other day and imitated Goofy's voice.

It's no exaggeration to say that this season's key to introduce CC22 series I will introduce this item that I wear myself.


Item No. 80440080002

Color : Navy , Khaki

A new label inspired by the British vintage CC41. We will introduce you to the fine details that make you feel as if the manufacturing of 1941 has been revived! !

First, the details of the collar. At first glance it looks like no collar, but in fact it has a simple collar detail. It would be better not to attach such a small inner collar in terms of cost, but that is an important point where you can get a glimpse of the British commitment. The CC22 tag that imitates the original on the back of the collar also gives it an outstanding atmosphere.

And the point that I personally felt was excellent after wearing it is the gadget pocket using this DuPont Teflon fabric. Until I put it on and actually used it, I honestly thought it wouldn't change with or without it, but this was the best.

① Exquisite size that can be stored except for some smartphones

②I don't feel much weight when I put my smartphone in, probably because of the characteristics of the Teflon material.

3. It is made with a flap bag so it won't swell even if you put your smartphone in it.

It's the perfect pocket.

In addition, as introduced in another store's blog, the face part of the sleeve has been simplified with only slits and bolt stitches, and metal concho buttons have been abolished such as engraving and used flat-like change buttons. And it's simple but full of attention to detail! !

I bought it as a set-up, so I purposely put on a cheap cap and styled it with the mechanic in mind. The pants are also the best, so I will introduce them in the next blog! !

We look forward to your visit and inquiry.


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