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This time, we have a list of classic items that everyone loves and a new color Nyuka, so I thought it would be a good time to write a blog. Because it's a classic, I think I can always buy it, so I put it off, but when I think about it, I don't have my size. It is introduction of na item! !

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BRITISH OFFICER'S SHIRT-VINTAGE OXFORD/British Officer's Shirt - Vintage Oxford

Item No.80430010000

This is a classic item that needs no explanation anymore. this article So, this shirt that everyone has probably paid attention to again is an item that you can't help but buy once you touch it and try it on! ! I'll give you a little sneak peek of the details.

At first glance, the collar type looks like a wide spread, but when you turn the collar up a little, you can see that it is actually a hidden button down. Not only can it be tied up, but it also prevents the wide collar from opening too much when the button is opened.

As you all know, the hem is round. Prevents the hem from riding up when tucked in. Maybe it's just the wisdom of our predecessors, but when you really tuck in, the swollen bulge that appears on your waist doesn't come out. In addition, the iris on both sides of the body is also a point that makes the silhouette look beautiful.

The remaining point is the toughness that can be said to be synonymous with the item. The fabric itself is also woven with a high density that is impossible using our own vintage ox. The 6th button on the rounded hem mentioned earlier has a button hole and button part with reinforced padding and stitching.

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Item No.80430010050

This is also a classic among the classics, but from this season, it has been further brushed up and the silhouette has been improved. The shape of the waist has been removed from the conventional MEDICAL SHIRT to create a more relaxed silhouette, and the size of the details has been slightly changed. Moreover, new colors will be released this season, so I will introduce the details here as well.

The yoke from the shoulder to the back and the part from the sleeve to the elbow are made in two layers, and the stitching work is three-needle chain stitch, and the reinforcement and strength are impeccable and sturdy. The design does not stretch easily around the shoulders, so if you feel cramped, we recommend ordering one size up.

The cuffs are open and the sword rags are decorated with selvedge, so even when you open them and roll up the sleeves, the atmosphere is enough! ! When used and washed, the match with chambray color fading is exquisite. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how the texture of the ivory will change when I wash it thoroughly without worrying about it getting dirty! ,

Since it is made with two layers to reinforce the shoulder area, it is thicker than a normal shirt and heat builds up easily, so ventilation chrysanthemum holes are applied to the sides and back to reduce heat buildup. I'm here. Moreover, this chrysanthemum hole is not just a thing, it is sewn with a sewing machine 100 years ago. Since it is used only for that purpose, it will be impossible if the existing needles are gone. It is a hole filled with such a special commitment! ! Moreover, the new color changes the color of the stitch thread, so it is also worth noting.

The button is a so-called cat eye button. The center is concave and looks like a cat's eye, but this button is also one of the elements that increase strength. In the case of normal 2-hole and 4-hole buttons, the raised stitches are more likely to cause external friction on the thread. However, the cat-eye button does not protrude outward thanks to the dents, so it is prevented from being worn out due to friction. For that reason, it was often used for army wear with many crawling advances.

Of course, those of you who have seen the pre-orders and blogs of each store will know, but the theme of this season is『KATHMANDU SHERPAS』is. SHERPAS is a guide for climbers, and this shirt is modeled after the shirt worn by the doctors of the British expedition to which Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay belonged, who were guided and reached the summit of Everest. increase. I think that the charm of Nigel Cabourn's craftsmanship is that if you dig into the standard items, they will be connected to the theme of the season. Rather than creating something new out of the blue, I think I'm making something that will be loved for a long time to come by thinking about everything in relation to each other. Not only the details but also the durability is outstanding, so I think that passing it on to your child or wearing it by yourself will lead to sustainability, so please check out what kind of background it was made and wear it! !


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