You can wear it casually, but it's high quality - COMBAT PANT COTTON POPLIN -

Hello everyone watching.

We have been gone for a long time. This is the Satokan of the Sendai store.

A WHILE AGO, THE POPULAR STUFF'S BEST BUY OF THE SEASON WAS RELEASED. The way the staff at each store dress is really helpful! If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look here.

I chose BRITISH ARMY SMOCK CAMO, but this time I would like to introduce the item that was the runner-up because I was worried until the end.

Item No. 80441150020

Nigel Cabourn The design of the British Army army pants is familiar to freaks.

The waist is pleated, so it is very easy around the waist and around the pockets. The fact that there are two top buttons is designed so that there is no problem even if one of them falls off. It may seem casual, but these are also specifications unique to military items that take durability into consideration.

Only one hip pocket has a unique shape with a gusset in the center.

Above all, this cargo pocket on the left thigh is a symbolic design.

Available in three colors: Beige, Green, and Dark Navy. The Sendai store handles all colors, but this time I tried wearing Dark Navy, which is the easiest to understand the texture of the material in the image.

First of all, this fabric. Many people think of cotton poplin as a thin shirt fabric, but the fabric used here is moderately firm and reassuringly thick and can be worn all season.

Although it has a dry-touch texture, the surface is very slightly brushed, giving it an exquisite luster, giving it a high-quality atmosphere.

Since it is military pants, of course Watari has a loose and powerful silhouette. However, the silhouette that looks somewhat elegant is the biggest attraction of this pant, and the aforementioned fabric, design, silhouette, and this sense of balance are unique to the authentic line of MADE IN U.K.! I think it is.

Since it is a so-called military bread, casual coordination is good, but this time it is the same color and the same material.

Item No. 80421180020

Item No. 80421110050

I also made it a classic.

You can wear it without worrying about it, but it's of high quality. It is such an item.

I bought this pant, Beige, and I thought it would be good if I wore Dark Navy. It's a swamp lol.

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We are looking forward to your visit and inquiries.

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