The theme of this season is [KOREAN WAR]

The war that broke out across the 38th parallel on the peninsula eventually turned into a battle between capitalism and socialism, engulfing the nations of both major camps of the world.

In line with the fact that many nations were involved, this product is a fabric design that mixes elements of the military quilts of the British, American, French and Czech armies.

Item No.80450030001
Color: Khaki
Size: 50

Based on vintage clothing from the 1960s Czechoslovak Army and the 1940s French Army.

By fixing the neck part with a folded button, it can be shaped like a lapel.

The quilting pattern is a pattern that was used by the Allies and countries strongly influenced by the Allied Forces.

The diamond pattern is often used by the French army, and the check pattern is used by the British and French armies.

Many of Stripes are of Eastern European descent, so they are not part of the Allied Forces, but they are heavily influenced by France, so I used them as a reference.

The horizontal gourd pattern is a pattern that was often seen in the 60s and 70s of the US Army.

The reversible slit in the pocket and the unique shape of the sack cloth are details borrowed from the prototype military jacket produced by the British Army in the 1930s.

After explaining the quilting stitch patterns, I would like to touch on quilting a little.

A quilted fabric is made by sandwiching an interlining or batting between two fabrics and fixing them with a quilting stitch.

It is produced as a fabric, then cut into patterns and sewn to clothes.

For this reason, there is only one type of quilting stitch shape per roll.

This item is made by layering several different patterns that cannot be done normally.

I was able to do this because I discovered a very rare embroidery machine that can quilt with jacquard and made full use of it.

It is a special fabric that has been completed with a lot of time and effort.

The fabric is different on the front and back, and the front is made of ripstop for strength, and the back is made of twill with flexibility.

The fabric is dyed with sulfur dye to further sublimate it into a fabric that allows you to enjoy moderate wear and color fading.

Various combinations such as various quilting stitch patterns, fabric changes on the front and back, and fabrics using sulfur dye make this item fun to change over time.

The button is a complete reproduction of the battle dress jacket and pants, and uses a change button.

I coordinated with size 48 using both sides.

*Currently, only size 50 is available at the Okayama store.

PANT: M-43 MODIFIED PANT wearing size 32

It has a detail that allows the heat and moisture accumulated in the body part to escape from the neck, so if you don't have a collar and the neck is lonely, you can wrap it in a stole to prevent the warmth from escaping.

Next, coordinate with green on the back.

When I see a green jacket or blouson, I want to match it with denim pants.

I paired it with hemp fabric engineer pants.

Both colors are easy to use, and the quilting stitching gives a nice three-dimensional look.

You can change the button in about 5 minutes, so please use it according to your mood of the day.

We are looking forward to your visit.


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