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Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

This is okumura from the okayama store.

From the end of July, a page called Styling was created on the official website where blogs etc. are posted.

Thankfully, at the store, people say, "I'm looking at your blog!"

However, "Have you seen the Styling that started before? There were quite a few people who said they hadn't seen it, so this time, I would like to carefully select two types of coordination introduced in Styling and explain the points in more detail.

By all means, please take a look to the end.

TOPS: British Army Smock - Camo / BRITISH ARMY SMOCK - CAMO
SHORTS: Bush shorts - Ripstop / BUSH SHORTS - RIPSTOP
SHOES : Nigel Cabourn x VAULT by VANS - OG Authentic LX - Navy

styling page

The fabric of this smock is so thin that it can be seen through when exposed to light.

It's soft, but it's made of poplin, so it retains its firmness.

For the pants, choose a size 36 to match the smock that is made large.

These shorts are easier to wear than ARMY CARGO SHORT and BRITISH ARMY SHORT.

When you put a small item in the pocket, it swells up and changes to a better silhouette.

Click here for the second coordinate.

SHORT: Bush shorts - duck / BUSH SHORT - CAMO

styling page

As described on the styling page, this is a coordination with the theme of returning home.

It's late September, and the summer heat is gone and it's getting a little cooler.

It is an image of returning home with a change of clothes, souvenirs, etc. in a rucksack because there is some errand to go home.

I wanted a rough look, so I chose a size 52 for the top, which is a large size.

There are two buttons that are normally only one button, and the inner part has the same green color as the shorts.

Roll up the ends of the sleeves neatly so that a bulge appears at the wrists.

Shorts are essential as a rough feeling is important.

The point is that the fabric is not 100% cotton, but a linen blend.

Soft and easy to move.

Sandals have the role of tightening the whole.

The same as the rucksack, the Pete label is combined with it to show that it is rough but careful to someone somewhere.

It feels like this when wearing 48, which is just the right size.

52 was the correct answer for this subject.

We will continue to update from September, so please take a look at the styling of each staff at each store.


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