[Comfortable but fashionable] ARMY GYM LINE

Introducing two items from the ARMY GYM LINE that were worn in 22SS STAFF'S BEST BUY and CAMP COLLAR SHIRT-CAMO's one-week coordinating blogs.

I will also introduce my personal belongings at the end.

Military T-shirt / MILITARY TEE
Item No. 80442121000
Color : Green / Navy / Black / Dark Orange

This item has a pocket on the back.

I had to carry my military passbook, etc., and it seems that I stored things that were not allowed to be lost.

In general, there is a process called carding to remove impurities and align the fibers in a certain direction while turning cotton into a single thread.

There is also a process called combing that removes impurities more finely and aligns the direction of the fibers more precisely.

I haven't done them at all. The product is dyed using organic cotton that is not carded. This element makes it a few steps higher than general sweatpants.

And four colors without complaint. (currently black only at the Okayama store)

Embroidered Arrow Shorts / EMBROIDERED ARROW SHORT
Item No.80442151000
Color : Green / Navy / Black / Dark Orange
(Currently available only in black and green at the Okayama store)

The knitted fabric is a loopback jersey.

It is thicker than tenjiku, so you can see the shape of the item firmly.

Wearing size M for both top and bottom

I'm 170cm tall and the length is just below my knees.

My personal favorite length.

If it goes up to the shin, it won't make the most of the long-awaited beautiful legs, and if it's above the knee, it will look sporty. The base is room wear and training wear, so it's sporty, but I like it a little below the knee.

When I wear it with a set, I tuck it in and,

wearing size 46

It's nice to put on a linen shirt to create an atmosphere.

I personally wear the shorts a lot and have washed them 5 times.

Since it is a product dyeing, the color fading is clearly visible from the second time.

At first, the hands and laundry net will be gray, but it's finished in such a good way that it doesn't bother me.

There are some sizes that are only a few left in stock, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

The other day, the movie "Koi wa Hikari" was released.

In fact, Soju Kamio, Nanase Nishino, and Fumika Baba were filming in the Omotemachi shopping district where the Okayama store is located.

I was watching the shooting in front of the shop and the shop next door. I've liked Nanase Nishino since she was in Nogizaka, so when I saw her acting, I trembled.

I wonder if I'll come again... Mr. Nishino. I will put the line of the shop below.


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