Cut and sew discoloration.

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This is okumura from the okayama store.

I've been suffering from pollen since the day before yesterday.

This time, I would like to introduce how the colors of the 2 types of 3 pieces of cut-and-sew that I usually wear have faded.

The washing method is to put it in the net without turning it inside out and wash it with a neutral detergent.

When I'm concerned about stains, I wash with Ariel's weak acidity.

Neutral detergents are less likely to damage fibers, but there is still one thing missing in terms of removing dirt, so we recommend using them properly.

The first one,

4WAY high neck shirt / 4WAY HIGH NECK SHIRT

Item No.80410020030

The one on top is my personal belongings.

I've updated my blog before about the 4WAY HIGH NECK SHIRT, so please see "here".

I bought this cut-and-sew in October 2019 and wear it about 2-3 times a week, except for the relatively warm months from June to October.

I often wear it under the green henley neck that I will introduce later.

Overall, the color has faded and there is a slight fluffiness.

Elbows naturally rub against each other, so compared to other parts, they are a little less fuzzy.

This kind of photograph is called “eishin”.

The second is that I personally think that he is the god of the cut-and-sew world.


Item No.80410020006

We have already introduced this product in detail, so please click here.

I bought all three colors and wear them five times a week. (6 days a week including holidays and time to go shopping)

Navy was purchased in December 2019.

Green and white were purchased in October 2020.

I have only worn the green for about 4 months since I bought it, so the color hasn't faded much, but the elbows and shoulders are more discolored than the other parts.

Navy is my life.

Most of the time I hang myself with suspenders or wear overalls, so the discoloration around my shoulders is especially advanced.

Most of the time, I live with my elbows bent, so my insides are wrinkled and striped from rubbing.

Don't do it together! It seems to be said, but it looks like a beard in jeans.

I'm so attached to it that I want to keep wearing it for the rest of my life, letting it fade until I can't even tell it's navy.

Even if it is torn or the thread is unraveled, it can be repaired and worn again.

The ideal shape.

I can't help but feel that Nigel Cabourn's cut and sew can do that.


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