a happy New year! This is suzuki from the nakameguro store.
Thank you for your continued support in the year.

Did you all go to hatsumode?
For the past few years, I have been visiting Jindaiji Temple in Chofu City for New Year's visits.
I draw an omikuji every year, and it seems like it will be a good year because all the good things were written this year (*´▽`*)

Well, this time we will introduce recommended wool items that you can rely on in the cold season!

Item No. 80390800012
Color : Navy
Size: 6

Only one donkey coat from the AW19 collection has arrived at the store♪
A cool combination of wool and leather.
Contrary to its solid appearance, it is surprisingly light when you put it on, so it is highly recommended for those looking for a wool coat!

Light Melton Skirt / LIGHT MELTON SKIRT
Item No. 80450852004
Color: Ivory / Navy
Size: 6/8

An item made of light melton material that is introduced as a warm item every winter.
I don't really feel like wearing a skirt on a cold day, but I can wear a light melton skirt without worrying about it.
The I-line silhouette is easy to use with any outfit, so you can match it with any item. Highly recommended for those looking for a winter skirt!

Scottish high neck knit / SCOTISH HIGH NECK KNIT
Item No : 80450840001
Color: Red / Green
Size: 6/8

The Scottish high-neck knit that was introduced in STAFF BEST BUY.
The mohair blend is light and comfortable to wear, and it is thick and warm, so it is very useful. There is also a cardigan type, so you can choose according to your favorite atmosphere.

We are also holding a sale at the store, so please drop by!
All the staff are looking forward to seeing you again this year.

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