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Hello! This is Suzuki from the Nakameguro store.

It's December in a few days. December is exciting because there are Christmas and New Year's Eve!
Am I the only one who feels that it's not that cold at the end of November?

This time, we will ♪ introduce knitted items in the store as a knitwear feature.
The seasons when you can wear one knit are limited, so be sure to get one before it gets really cold!

First this way.

K-3 ブリティッシュ ウール ロール ネック / K-3 BRITISH WOOL ROLL NECK
Item No : 80431140040
Colour : Beige / Dark Navy
Size : 42 / 44

Sugita: Height 159cm / Wearing size 42


Rare AUTHENTIC LINE knitwear. Made in Scotland, the fleshy texture is irresistible. Since it is one piece with a strong presence, it is a simple coordination ◎
All the staff at the Nakameguro store have it! There are only a few small sizes left in all stores that women can wear. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.

Here's what's next.

Item No : 80450840001

Colour : Red / Green
Size : 6 / 8

Suzuki: Height 157cm / Wearing size 6

PANT : オリーブドラブパンツ / OLIVE DRAB PANT

Knitwear with an argyle pattern this season. Many of you may have been curious about it after looking at the website and catalogs.
It is mohair blended and soft to wear. Compared to red, green has a calm impression, so it is easy to incorporate even patterned items ◎

Here's what's next.

Item No : 80450840002
Colour : Red
Size :  6 / 8

Sugita: Height 159cm / Wearing size 6


The cardigan version of the high-neck knit introduced earlier.
The bright red is the color of winter coordination that tends to be dark.
It goes well with military colors, so I would recommend it to those who love Nigel Cabourn!

The last one is here.

Item No : 80450840004
Colour : Khaki / Orange / Navy
Size : F

Suzuki: Height 157cm / Wearing size F


Compared to the three knits introduced so far, it is lighter and can be worn from autumn to spring.
Hemp × cashmere and pleasant to the touch, especially recommended for those who do not like the tingling of wool. V-necks, which are not often seen in women's things, are also worth arranging because the innerwear and accessories shine ◎

All knitwear has high heat retention, and there is no doubt that having one in the coming season will be a reliable presence.
In addition to knitwear, we also have warm items available, so please ♪ come and see them.

Sophie today.

Walks on the riverbed on holidays.
Sophie concentrates on smelling (laughs)
The grass along the river was beautifully mowed, and it was completely winter!
The view was good and I was able to take a pleasant walk~.

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