Hello everyone. This is Hirai from the Nakameguro store.

It's really hot, isn't it? Is it true that the rainy season ends?
Just recently, the rainy season has started ~ I was talking about it、、。
I have a feeling that summer will be hot soon.
The Nakameguro store is full of stamina! The staff are far from that, so I would like to eat well and spend a good time.
Please take care of yourself.

Well, let's not give in to the heat.
Today, we would like to introduce items from the EARLY AUTUMN COLLECTION.

Item No.80450820005
Colour:Ivory / Brown / Navy / Black
Size:6 / 8

Nigel Cabourn Women's familiar vintage sleeve series. The design is inspired by vintage dresses from the 1920s~19230s.

The volume is modest, and the point is casual femininity.

The size of the regular fit is As one piece or as an inner ◎
Since it is simple, it is a piece that seems to naturally increase the number of turns.

The skin-friendly waffle fabric is made of wool-blended organic cotton.
The wool mixture ratio is 11%. A little wool creates a moderate tension and makes the fabric hard to slip.

【Ivory】Sugita: Height 159cm / Wearing size 6

It is a wool blend, but the high point is that it is light and comfortable.
I am grateful that I can wear it around in a long season.

Fluffiness without too sweetness. I like this nonchalance.
There is no doubt that it will be active in a wide range of styling.

Exquisite length that is easy to balance. The hemmed style is also a sama.

【Brown】Hirai: Height 165cm / Wearing size 8

I tried wearing Brown. Deep and calm colors.
I knew, but it's still cute.

All of them are available in basic and easy-to-match colors. This is bound to get lost.
Let's worry together at the store.

We sincerely look forward to your visit.


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