[SS22] Only a few left!

Hello everyone! This is suzuki from the nakameguro store.

This time, we will be introducing some items from the SS22 collection that are still in stock!

French terry half sleeve sweat / FRENCH TERRY HALF SLEEVE SWEAT
Item No : 80440021045
Color : off White , green
Size: 42, 44

Staff wear size: 157cm / 42

This is a unisex item and the women's size is 42.44. Each color each size, there are only a few left in all stores!
Currently, Nakameguro store only has off-white size 44 in stock.
I bought both colors, but it's comfortable and I wear it quite often ♪

Staff wear size: 157cm / 6

MA-1 dress / MA-1 DRESS
Item No: 80440853003
Color : off white , navy
Size: 6, 8

Staff wear size: 165cm / 8

MA-1 DRESS has been popular since the reservation event. The oversized silhouette is breathable and comfortable on hot days! Recently, there are hot days like midsummer, and it is a very popular item at the store.
White is still available in each size, but navy is only a few left at all stores. .
At the Nakameguro store, there is only one navy size 8, so if you are interested, hurry up!

Patchwork cardigan / PATCHWORK CARDIGAN
Item No : 80440820000
Color: green, blue, orange
Size: 6, 8

Staff wear size: 157cm / 6

A patchwork cardigan inspired by 1950s vintage.
It's a bright spring/summer color scheme, and it's been very popular since it's getting warmer!
It comes in three colors, but orange is popular at the Nakameguro store!
And the orange color is already in stock only at the Nakameguro store. .
Please come and try them on♪

Here is today's Sophie

I got a new bed and fell asleep right away ^^
It's cute how she keeps her mouth tightly shut when she's sleeping. .

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