Hello everyone! This is Suzuki from the Nakameguro store.

It was a warm day like midsummer, but the weather broke down、、。

Here is the SS22 collection introduced this time.

MA-1 シャツ / MA-1 SHIRT
Item No : 80440810003
Colour : Off White , Navy
Size : 6 , 8

It is a pullover shirt with the motif of the US Air Force MA-1.

The collar, sleeves and hem feature MA-1 jacket details and ribbed cotton.

It also has MA-1 arm pockets and epaulettes.

The fabric is Nigel Cabourn typewriter fabric woven with the familiar extra fine cotton of women.
This fabric, which often appears in spring and summer, has a moderate firmness that does not stick to the skin, and is airy and pleasant.
The soft coating gives it a soft and smooth touch.

Item No : 80440850060
Colour : Green , Navy
Size : 6 , 8 , 10
Staff : 157cm / 6

Belgian pants, which were almost out of stock, were restocked, so I matched them together.
Navy gives a calm impression. I'm glad that the length is short and the hem does not sag. Even if you put only the front ◎ out and wear it, it is easy to balance!
By the way, I got navy! It's also cute that it can see through a little when exposed to the sun.

40's N-2 Deckware Dress / 40's N-2 DECKWEAR DRESS
Item No : 80440853000
Colour : Khaki , Navy
Size : 6 , 8
Staff : 157cm / 6

White looks like this.
It will be refreshing all at once! It's like spring and summer, and it makes me feel better!
Since it is a pullover, I'm glad ♪ that it doesn't become full of buttons even if it is combined with items with many buttons like this.

It is easy to get lost in what clothes to wear at the change of seasons. Find ♪ your favorite items to make you feel comfortable
There are still more recommended items, so please look forward to the next blog!

Today's Sophie is here

I went strawberry picking with the dogs again!
I couldn't look at Sophie、、、 camera who was waiting for me、、、
And even though I eat strawberries at home, they didn't eat on this all-you-can-eat day (laughs).

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