[SS22] New Basque Shirt

Hello everyone! This is Suzuki from the Nakameguro store.

New works are in stock one after another, and the blog posts are also enriched with new release information!
This time I will ♪ introduce items that have been introduced in other blogs

Here is the introduction. It is a standard item for spring-summer coordination!

The colors are the standard blue × white, and this season green × white are now available!
I really like the narrow border. It doesn't feel too assertive, but it seems to be easy to incorporate even for those who don't usually wear borders!
This time, I will review the Basque shirt and introduce the coordination.

Speaking of Basque shirts, it's a border.
This border is conspicuous when it falls into the sea and is easy to spot, so it is incorporated. It seems that there were already Basque shirts around the 16th century, and fishermen and sailors wore them at that time! It was then adopted as a uniform in the French Navy.

The neck is designed wide so that it is easy to take off when wet with the boat neck.
Originally, the design emphasized functionality, but it is also cute as a fashion and is a wonderful detail that makes the neck look beautiful.

It has a Nigel character.
Elbow patch in rectangular white fabric. It is finished refreshingly like spring and summer.

Item No : 80420880500
Colour : Beige , Navy
Size : 6 , 8 , 10
Staff : 157cm / 6

Item No : 80420850500
Colour : Beige , Navy
Size : 6 , 8 , 10
Staff : 157cm / 6

Item No : 80435162000
Colour : Black
Size : 3.5 / 4 / 4.5

It is cute to wear with a jacket or simply one piece.
I don't choose bottoms, so it's easy.
It seems to be useful both at work and in everyday wear!

This is what it looks like when you hem it.
It's a big Basque border shirt, so it's wide and long!

Item No : 80430850030
Colour : Green
Size : 6 , 8 , 10 , 12
Staff : 157cm / 6

Navy looks like this.
It's hard to tell the colors navy and green in the photo, but they're not!
I don't usually wear borders, but military pants × borders have calmed down...

There is no way it doesn't go well with workwear, Basque shirts that are very successful as military wear, and Nigel items! If you are looking for a Basque shirt or already have a lot of borders, please ♪ try it once.


My child had a birthday the other day. I turned 7 years old.
When I point the camera at them, they don't look cute.

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