Hello everyone! This is suzuki from the nakameguro store.

Recently, when I thought it was sunny, there was a torrential downpour, and even if it was sunny in the morning, I couldn't hang my laundry outside. . .
Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like the rainy season will end this weekend!
I'm already saying it's hot, but I'm looking forward to summer!

Well, this time I will introduce this item.

Item No : 80422000010
Color: Green
Size: 6, 8

There will be an item using this camouflage fabric at LYBRO this season, but this coat will be a ladies-only item!
It's a camouflage pattern that looks like spring and summer and has a very beautiful light yellow and light blue color. This shade is really easy to use, and you can't choose an item to match!

The hood is also removable. It's a nice point because the impression changes quite a bit with or without the hood!

Freedom Sleeve - Big T-shirt / FREEDOM SLEEVE - BIG T-SHIRT

Basic pants / BASIC PANT

The material is 60% cotton and 40% hemp, so it's light and cool.
It's hot in the middle of summer, but autumn will come in no time, so it's convenient to have it while you're at it!
The size is also loose, so you can easily wear it with a thick inner layer.


By the way, this is a unisex jacket.
The short length gives a different impression.
Short or long, both items are easy to mix and match, so it's hard to decide.

Please try it at the store.
There are many items that you can wear from summer to autumn.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.


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