1415+2 LIMITED Ⅱ / Yamauchi's Perspective

Many designer brands have models that represent the brand.

For Margiela, it's horse riders, for Helmut Lang, it's painted jeans, and for Dries Van Noten, it's floral embroidery and graphic prints. Jil Sander is a minimal fly front white shirt...

Such firmness has created the contours of the brand and has found its face.


HACKNEY UNION WORKHOUSE corresponds to this.

In the shadow of the popularity of the FISHERMAN COAT, this shirt has always reflected the classics.



The design of the band color that catches your eye first.

This model is based on the traditional British grandpa shirt, and the height of the band collar is not just the collar. A versatile type that coexists with a relaxing salt and plum and is useful as a haori item.

The flat patch pocket on the front is set a little lower than the general front pocket, which lowers the center of gravity of the design and forms an exquisite face of the whole shirt.

I once again think that the sense of valuing this kind of pocket position as a design is a sense.

In addition, the sewing level of this pocket itself is really high, and the thread runs in millimeters due to the speed of needle movement, and you will notice the dexterity that is not found in mass-produced products.

Deep inverted pleats under the back yoke.

The deep pleats that are complete with this momentum promise comfort and are beautiful enough to complete the design of the back.

The stock button is attached to the back side of the short placket on the side of the hem. I couldn't help but shout out at the dominant person.

The fabric is a rare plain weave cotton material made from one of the oldest mills known to designer Iggi, which was excavated in Italy from England.

It looks like a herringbone, but it's not, but you can see the three-dimensional texture of the weave with the naked eye.

Expectations are high for imported textiles that are fun to wash.


The exquisite position of the flat patch pocket, which can be seen by wearing it.

Fully designed.

The rounded hem line creates a gentle outline, and the cuffs are cute short cuffs.

The placket is thick and dignified, and the design of the short placket on the side is also useful.

A piece that gives you a sense of fun, chasing the details from the edge.

Appeared in the previous blog, CALAB POCKET JACKET Match with.

The jacket has an edgy design on the front and back, and the carefully calculated hem shows a little.

Styling wrapped in a sense of unity that allows you to enjoy the curvaceous beauty.

And the aura that the entire outfit exudes is British-made beauty that is consistent with the shirt and jacket.

It's cooler than usual, and I'm happy that it's not so hot that I have to go out in short sleeves yet.

It is a shirt that represents the brand that can be worn comfortably in the soft sunlight and cool breeze that is typical of May.


"What is 1415+2?"

1415+2 one for one seven


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