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Last time How was the first "Recommended Smock" series?

This is also the second installment, and this is also highly recommended.

The original draft was US Navy in the 1940s, SALVAGE (hazardous materials disposal and salvage of stranded ships) and GUNNER (gunner), etc. It is a smock designed based on the salvage hoodie that was used as work wear for handling dangerous goods, and is also a very rare item in the vintage market.



Item No.80410030000

Colour : IVORY

Fitting size : 46


Item No.80410020025

Colour : IVORY

Fitting size : 44




The loop with a toggle at the neck is the original design of the Nigel Cabourn.
The toggle is an important part that is easy to put on and take off for soldiers who are in danger such as rescuers and gunners, and there are cords on the cuffs and hem to prevent the entry of toxic substances, and the stitching on the right breast pocket is displayed in size like vintage wear, and even the smallest details are reproduced, such as 1 → 46, 2 48→, and 3 50→50.



Use cotton twill with moderate weight, The silhouette is wide and rough like a smock.

As shown in the photo, you can match the inner with a thick waffle turtle and wear an outer such as a coat from the top to use it as an inner. In early spring, cut and sew and shirts are worn from the top smoothly on the inside, and it can be used as a light outerwear.




Model : C-3_188-50N-22

Item No.80416750030

Colour : BEIGE

Fitting size : 30inches


For the bottoms, from the 20AW collection, it is a CLOSED Chino trouser that has been realized in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn.

At first glance, it is a simple chinos, but the fabric is more solid than it looks, the pen pocket on the side, and the design of the selvic at the hem is effective, as it is originally a denim brand. The moment I put them on, I honestly felt that they were good pants. The Nigel Cabourn-like firm texture and vintage impression were mixed with the elegant atmosphere of CLOSED, which was outstanding.

In addition, the collaboration with CLOSED is also a valuable collection only for the 20AW season, so please contact us as soon as possible.



How did you like the "Recommended Smock" that we introduced twice?

It is also recommended for those who like smocks or those who have not tried it yet, so please feel free to contact us.


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