Introducing the last 21SS!

Hello everyone!

This is Hankyu Men's Tokyo's Totomi!

August is half over, and summer seems to be over in no time.

New AW products are in stock one after another,

This time, I would like to introduce not new items, but 21SS products.

I think this blog will be the last to introduce 21SS.

We will introduce LYBRO as the main!



The design combines elements of A US AIR FORCE flight jacket and pilot coverall. It is reconstructed from a collection published by Nigel in the 1980s.

It has a classic short length, close to the silhouette of a bomber jacket and has four functional pockets.

The hood is removable.

By the way, the representative of the bomber jacket is the B-3.

It is famous for being worn by Stephen McQueen.

Try searching.

It's insanely astringent.

The fabric is not too thin, so it can be used well in autumn and winter.

The fabric is made of lightweight cotton poplin.



You can use it in the image of a shirt jacket.

The details are a mixture of workwear and vintage military.

Three pockets are elements of French workwear.

The pleated chest pocket incorporates British military World War II design.

When autumn is getting cooler, you can use it as a shirt blouson!

I think it goes well with denim, camo print pants, etc.!

Finally, the recommended pants of the MAIN line!



Pants worn by railway workers in France in the 1920~40s.

The material is vintage twill.

It is a delicate and firm twill fabric that is well hammered in, and it is a product that reproduces the fabric as if several decades have passed.

The fabric is also firm, making it an item that you can enjoy the change over time!

The back is a V-slit so that there is no stress even if you hang it with suspenders.

This is also one of the coolness of these pants!

Of course, you can wear it in autumn and winter!

That's all!

Basically, I chose the items introduced this time that can be worn even in autumn and winter!

Of course, I want you to pay attention to the new products, but spring and summer products are still on the shelves, so please take a look!

All the staff are waiting for you!

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