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Disappearing shortly after its release, the Nigel Cabourn classic item is back in stock.

ItemNo. 80020010050
colour : Indigo / Ivory / Khaki



Just a little bit about medical shirts、、、

A chambray shirt made based on the shirt worn by the first human to successfully climb Mount Everest and a doctor who joined the British mountaineering team with his Edmund Hillary.

The armholes, elbows and cuffs with a lot of exercise are made by layering two layers of fabric for reinforcement. The part where the fabric overlaps becomes thicker, but a chrysanthemum hole is attached to let the air escape.

That's all I can explain. This time, let's take a look at how it has aged compared to the items I have worn for about a year.

The size chart of a new product that has not been washed is as follows.

shoulder width 50
Width 61.5
Length 79.7
Sleeve length 63.6

On the other hand, here are the items I wore for about a year. Please also see the size chart along with the image.

shoulder width 49
Width 60.8
Length 78
Sleeve length 63.4

Overall, there was a contraction. I think it depends on the frequency of washing and the number of times you wear it, so let's just keep in mind that it is an item that shrinks slightly. The sense of size has been brushed up since last year and has a spacious size, so you can choose a normal size and think that when you wash it, it will be just the size or a spacious size.

If you compare it, you can see the color fading well. It will be the shirt worn by the one with the lighter color. It will drop reasonably well in one year. In addition, aged medical shirts are also introduced by the store manager, Kikuchi, so please see here as well.

Medical shirts can be used in any styling. Tailored jacket like a Mallory Jacket. Works styling like overalls. Military items are also outstandingly compatible. Please see here. We introduce several patterns of medical shirt styling.

Simply pair a white shirt × denim. Although they are simple combinations, each has its own design, and it is not just a white shirt × denim.

Super utility item medical shirt. If you are thinking about the next opportunity because it is a standard, or if you are worried about what to start with Nigel Cabourn, I hope you will choose this medical shirt. Certainly!


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