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Summer items are being introduced one after another on the blog, but I would like to introduce the third summer item from my tomi. If you're a Nigel fan, you definitely know that.

Nigel Cabourn's medical shirt is this indigo. In recent years, ivory and khaki have also appeared.

Of course, I own it, but it is a super capable item that can be worn casually or used formally with malory and tailored items. This is a personal item, and I have been wearing it for about half a year, but I am growing it with good color fading and fatigue.

A new color appeared this summer for such a super capable item. And in a special color.


Item No. 80440010350

It's charcoal. Many charcoal items have appeared even in spring and summer this season, but I feel like I was able to do this. This is a terrible thing.

It is a vintage black chambray finish.

Briefly about medical shirts. The base of this shirt was worn by the Edmund Hillary who was the first human to summit Mount Everest and by Norgay Tenzing's exclusive doctor of the British mountaineering team. There is a ventilation function (air conditioning) in the chrysanthemum hole on the side and back, so you can feel the fresh breeze of the outside air.

Chrysanthemum holes are one of the characteristics of medical shirts. Indigo is green, but charcoal is orange. They are a great match. It fits in well.

This is really good. It is also in good condition to wear oversized with a size increase. Army Cargo is a great match. Charcoal is really invincible.

This all-charcoal combination. It's insanely astringent. Leather suspenders give even more astringency. Of course, it can be worn without any problems in the fall and winter seasons.

How about coinciding with this time of year? It goes well with hemp denim, which is a mid-summer item.

"Good item to have" is exactly what this medical shirt is all about. When you're not sure what to wear, it's a really reliable item. It's supposed to be cool to match charcoal medical with Mallory Jacket. Okay, I'll buy it too!!



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