JERKIN VEST REV HEMP CANVAS as the main character of summer

The item I was looking forward to has finally arrived, so I will introduce it immediately.

Jerkin Vest Reversible Hemp Canvas / JERKIN VEST REV HEMP CANVAS

Item No.80440070000

This vest was the first vest I ever bought from Nigel Cabourn. I decided to purchase the moment I wore it.

What exactly is a jerkin vest? For those of you who like Nigel Cabourn, I'm sure you've seen it many times, but I'd like to take a moment to review it.

Mainly used in England from World War I to World War II. It is designed for cold climates and the winter season, and most of them are made of leather on the outside and wool on the inside. When I hear the word vest, I imagine an inner layer, but I think the biggest feature of the jerkin vest is that it can be worn over an outer layer as well. Therefore, the armhole is designed to be wide and the width of the body is wide. The image is a personal item, an item from the 1940s. It's a bad way, but I wear it over the M-65. LOL Of course, you can also wear a coat over a roll neck. By the way, the English meaning of Jerkin is "man's outerwear of old times".

The buttonholes are reinforced with leather. The lining is green and not reversible. It doesn't even have pockets. It's amazing to think that items from about 80 years ago have remained so beautifully. There is also a hole, but this is also astringent and good. I'm sorry I introduced a mess of personal belongings.

Let's go back to this product. The button uses the familiar concho button in the CC series. It has a change button and can be worn reversibly. Even compared to the original, the presence of this button is still great. I think it matches very well with the vintage look.

Where it differs from the original is that it has a patch pocket. This is big. As explained above, it is made to be the outermost shell worn over outerwear, but it does not have pockets, so you cannot put your mobile phone or wallet inside the outerwear. Those who use wired earphones like me lack convenience. I don't have a wallet or mobile phone in war, so I guess it was unnecessary? No matter how vintage it is, it's easier to use items that are modern and adjusted.

Fabric is 100% hemp. By the way, there are mainly three types of hemp materials used in clothing: flax, ramie, and hemp. The readings are ama, choma, and oasa. It is easy to remember if you connect and remember. Of course you don't have to memorize it. In English, it's linen, ramie, hemp. Compared to the other three, hemp is crisp, cool, and extremely durable, with eight times the tensile strength of cotton. Because it is hollow, it absorbs moisture and sweat, making it perfect for summer. I think you can feel the gloss in the image. You can see that it is a perfect item for the summer season when it tends to be just a T-shirt.

This is what the back fabric looks like.

Camouflage that doesn't overstate is good. Both seem easy to use.

Greens are pretty good too. It is a leading role in both front and back.

When the temperature rises sharply, wear a shirt or short-sleeved cut-and-sew. It is recommended to match with the Henry neck of this season's CC22 series. It goes well with the sleeve length and firm ribs. Summer should be more simple with just one Tee! Let this vest take center stage this summer.

We are looking forward to your visit and inquiries!

~ Camp meal ~

When you come to camp, it's steak. It's so thick.

It's baked too perfectly. After all the sides are browned, wrap it in aluminum foil and wait for it to slowly cook. You can have a drink while you wait.



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