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The number of new products has gradually increased, and when I happened to look at the storefront, I noticed that denim is a small item, but there are many things. I suddenly decided to compare Nigel Cabourn denim.

Denim, jeans, indigo... I think there are different ways to convey

Denim is a fabric and the etymology is French "serge de Nimes" meaning twill weave of Nimes. Jeans were worn by people who worked in Genoa, Italy in the 17th century, so they were called "Jen's" or "Jainose", meaning "Made in Genoa". It is said that it crossed over to the United States and the way of calling "jeans" changed.

By the way, there are two convincing theories that “Jipan” is an abbreviation for pants made of jeans fabric, and the other for pants worn by GIs (American soldiers).

Now, with all the denim trivia out there, let's compare.

Factory Jean /FACTORY JEAN

Item No. 80441350000

The fabric has a smoother texture than conventional denim. Based on the pants worn by British officers in the 40's. At 10 oz, it's a little lighter than regular denim, and about as thick as a denim shirt. Denim that can be worn even in hot weather.

CC22 work jacket cotton linen denim /CC22 WORK JACKET-COTTON LINEN DENIM

Item No.80440080005

This is a cotton linen denim that has a reputation for giving a good hit. Compared to 100% cotton, it contains 40% linen. Instead, it has a smooth texture. If you wash it, it will get wrinkles peculiar to hemp, and you can enjoy denim that is different from usual.

Factory dungaree /FACTORY DUNGAREE

Item No.80431350500

Unique denim from AW21. It is characterized by soft fabric and thick thread. 12 oz denim from Okayama, Japan. Because the thread is thick, the impression that the fabric itself is a little fluffy. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the exact opposite of RAILMAN DENIM. *This is not published on Hankyu ONLINE.

Am I the only one who wants denim fabric items when it gets warmer? ? I'm waiting for those who can sympathize (laughs)

In addition to the above, there are still more items such as RAILMAN DENIM, which has been sold out due to its popularity, HEMP DENIM, which is scheduled to arrive in the future, and shorts made from 12.5 oz. Please stay tuned and wait for new works.


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