Are you ready for cold weather items? ?

Hello blog readers. This is Kikuchi from Nigel Cabourn Hankyu Men's Tokyo. Even though it's mid-November, the temperature is still 22-3 degrees Celsius, and it's been so warm that it's hard to wear outerwear. The other day I couldn't stand it and bought my favorite last year N-2 DECK REVERSIBLE COAT I went to work wearing it, but it was so hot that I almost melted. No, I think it melted a little. I want it to be cold enough to wear a coat soon.

Well, this time we will introduce cold protection items that will be active from now on.


Item No. 80430000050

40's US NAVY P-COAT is indispensable for Nigel Cabourn. No more explanation needed. For those who see it for the first time here Please see the article. It is a masterpiece filled with attention to detail. It's not an exaggeration, but it has a tough finish that can be worn for 10 years.


Item No. 80430060001

STOLE HEAVY NEL, which I recommend, is perfect around the neck! One side has stripes and the other has borders. It is reversible, and one side is blanket processed, so the pattern and the expression of the fabric are completely different on the front and back. And since this stole is made of cotton, you can wash it without worrying about cleaning it. You don't have to worry about the size, so it's perfect for gifts such as Christmas presents. The color scheme of the pattern based on Nepal's folk costume, which is the theme of this time, goes well with any clothes.

There are other stoles based on folk costumes...


Item No. 80430060002


Item No. 80430060003

All of them are perfect for neck accents. Each pattern is solid, but the balance of the pattern size and color scheme is very good, and it seems that they will do a good job without being too flashy! !

Well, this time we will deliver the advantageous information of Hankyu Men's Tokyo.

From November 17th (Wednesday) to November 30th (Tuesday), 2021, there is a "Winter Item W Point Campaign" limited to Hankyu Men's Tokyo App members. In this campaign, when you purchase a cold weather item, you will receive 6 points for every 100 yen, instead of the usual 3 points for every 100 yen. Click here for details.

Of course, the pea coats and stoles we introduced this time are also eligible for the W point campaign. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy shopping!

Furthermore, this time it is not only this. During the same period, we will also hold a Remo Order Plus 1% campaign. Moreover, shipping is free for remote orders! Because you can do everything with one mobile phone, I am too busy to go to the store. It's annoying to take the train. I don't want to go out because the weather is bad. It's perfect for those people! Click here for details.

And even more! The winter item W point campaign and the Remo Order Plus 1% campaign can be used at the same time! If you purchase a cold-weather item with Remote Order, you will not only receive free shipping, but you will also receive 7 points for every 100 yen spent! ! Please take advantage of this opportunity.

* 1 point can be used as 1 yen.

About Remo Order>>>>
You can order products handled by Hankyu Men's Tokyo from your home or on the go with your smartphone, and have them delivered to your home (designated address). It is a remote shopping service that can be delivered to or picked up at the store.
◎ You can order, pay, and receive at home without visiting the store.
◎ Many payment methods can be selected (no cash on delivery fee required)
◎ Earn and use Hankyu Men's Tokyo Mileage Points

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