Basic means root or base.

Nigel Cabourn also has some items with the Basic name, but I personally think that "BASIC CHINO" cannot be left out. I think that if you buy basic pants, other pants will be better! ︎ I think it's very convenient to simply have it. really.

BASIC CHINO No80430050020





The autumn/winter season has started, so we have all sizes now.

We have all sizes now!! ︎ I said it twice because it's important.

Nigel Cabourn chinos are listed as west point as they are listed in catalogs and online. This will be the name of the fabric derived from the place name. The trousers used in the US military academy. There were celebrities such as Douglas MacArthur and Edgar Allan Poe among students. Why novelists...

What is the difference from ordinary Chino? To put it simply, the strength of the thread used in the fabric is high. Since it uses two threads twisted into one, it should be strong. But even more! This BASIC CHINO is woven without gaps.

Next is detail.

The design is based on "43 Khaki", which is known for its vintage chino pants. As a different part, the original has a gas flap on the button part on the front.

Specifications such as the edge of the watch pocket and how to sew the sides are very close to the original.

In addition to "43 khaki", there are also "41 khaki" and "45 khaki", so if you are interested, please contact google. I will answer with pictures.

*Model Mr. Kamata Size 32

The waist is narrow compared to the leg area, but the pants are thick so you don't have to worry about movement. The product has a slightly glossy finish (cold marse), giving it a beautiful impression.

This is the BASIC CHINO that I have been using for nearly two years. We have received many compliments from our customers. This is the finish because I once did a violent act of putting it in the dryer. I don't recommend this method, but I think it will become a very good fabric as you wear it and wash it.

These pants are a must-have for everyone's wardrobe.

Ladies and gentlemen, did you watch the broadcast the other day? Our house was a storm of tears. Please try it once.

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