≪Reservation inevitable≫ AW21 items with small production numbers that the staff secretly teaches

[2021 AUTUMN&WINTER Advance Reservation Event]

[Online] July 12, 2021 (Monday) to July 19, 2021 (Monday)

[Store] July 16, 2021 (Wednesday) to July 19, 2021 (Monday)


No, it's started!!

Today's blog started with the beginning of hiyashi chuka. You are lucky if you just clicked on the blog title. because! started! More than anywhere else! quickly! Be ahead! Be the first! Autumn/winter items! reserve! I can do it! It is. If you thought you were a magician using the surprise mark, you are correct. As you can see in the title, Hankyu Men's Tokyo is holding an AW21 reservation event online & will be opening at the store from tomorrow, the 16th (Friday). Here's a trick, but the noodles that are usually used for chilled Chinese noodles are boiled and then chilled all at once. Going back to the topic, we have a reservation meeting online first, but if the reservation is filled here, the item will not be lined up in the store after the reservation meeting and delivery! ! This is really surprising. This is because each store has a fixed number of items. I can't say much because it's a trade secret, but for example, there aren't many people who wear down in the middle of summer and eat nagashi somen noodles at Christmas. .

So, we have already received many orders online, thank you very much. Do you have this size for this product? ! The product I want is not available in my size! If you are interested, please contact the store by phone. There is a possibility that Nagashi Somen will be available for Christmas, but it is not 0, so please believe in the possibility and let us know. There is a possibility that the phone will be boiled, so if you can not connect, please wait a while and try again. Samples have arrived at the shop, so I think I can answer janjan.

The introduction has gotten longer and longer, but as the title says, it is an introduction of AW21 items with a small production number that are secretly taught by the staff.


Item No. 80431100040


Item No. 80431100030

-LYBRO- Midfield Liner Quilt / OW-51 MIDFIELD LINER QUILT NY

Item No. 80431300050


Item No. 80430000004

-MAIN- Blanket utility jacket / BLANKET UTILITY JACKET

Item No. 80430080004

-MAIN- Blanket Zip Vest / BLANKET ZIP VEST

Item No. 80430070004

As you can see when you fly to the online page, the size is missing. After all, Nigel Cabourn's outerwear is different from the seriousness. Compared to cut-and-sews and shirts, the number of production is limited, so please take this opportunity to attack from the outerwear.

The store will be open from Friday, July 16th. We also have super push items that have not been published online that we can't introduce here. We will respond with a large amount of heat.

Finally, CLOSING SALE will be held at the Nigel Cabourn Matsuya Ginza store, which is a 7-minute walk from Hankyu, from Saturday, July 17. We have prepared nostalgic products at Morimori. Make a reservation for autumn and winter at Hankyu and go to the CLOSING SALE at the Matsuya Ginza store. For female customers, we will hold a reservation party for AW21 at Tokyu Plaza Ginza 5F Nigel Cabourn Woman on the same schedule as Hankyu. Have a hot and intense weekend. Ginza is hot.


[2021 AUTUMN&WINTER Advance Reservation Event]

《Holding period》

[Online] July 12, 2021 (Monday) to July 19, 2021 (Monday)

Click here for the online special pre-order venue page

[Store] July 16, 2021 (Wednesday) to July 19, 2021 (Monday)

"business hours"

[Online] 7/12 (Mon) 10:00 - 7/19 (Mon) 23:59

[Store] 11:00-20:00 (Follows Hankyu Men's Tokyo business hours)

*Some samples are not available.

* During the reservation period, the phone may be busy, and we may not be able to answer the phone immediately due to customer service at the store. Thank you for your understanding.

《Customers ordering online》

*Order payment will be made once per item. (Settlement one by one)

*Orders between 5:00 am and 5:00 am the next day can be used for the shipping cost of one item. Please note that if you place multiple orders outside of these hours, you will be charged another shipping fee. (Example: 5:00 am to 10:00 am the next day, when another order is placed after 5:00 am the next day, etc.)

*The delivery time of the products listed on the online reservation page is only a guideline and may change. Please note.

*The product you ordered may be discontinued without notice. In that case, please understand that we will cancel it.

*If you have any questions about how to order products, please contact the following Navi Dial.

Stylenet customer service navigation dial: 0570-033-231

Please contact the store for product inquiries.: 03-6252-1381 (department store representative)

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