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Recently, the temperature is starting to rise sharply with the humidity, and the damp heat continues to sweat and get cold due to the temperature difference at night, so this time we will introduce this item limited to directly managed stores that gradually comes like Fabio Cannavaro, who plays slowly like such heat! !!

Item No.80421110500

PRISONER SHIRT JP SP/Prisoner Shirt Japan Special

This was the Prisoner shirt that came out of the LYBRO collection in 2019, the first shirt I bought after joining the company. They are still active as one army!! At this time, it was a specification of 100% cotton, but this time we are improving it a little.

The fabric is a cotton linen material of 100% cotton to 80% cotton, 20% linen, and the nap feeling where the knots of the linen can be seen brings out the coolness more than before and the skin is smooth. Moreover, this time it is made in Portugal in the authentic line.

The design itself is based on US ARMY pajama shirts from the 50s. In addition to Nigel, did people 70 years ago think that things that used to be pajamas in the past, such as those sampled by a certain famous brand, are now worn as street clothes today? It's also fun to choose an item while thinking about such things.

The neck is colorless, and the front button position is shifted from the center. There is a large patch pocket on the left chest and a square patch pocket on the right hip that is not in the updated original. As the name suggests, you can wear it loosely without stretching your shoulders. The relaxed silhouette that fell from the sides to the hem is also attractive because it suits the current mood.

The front and cuffs are snap buttons, so it is easy to put on and take off, and this area has a pajama-like element and is my personal favorite. A hateful guy who ends up turning away whether you put it together with the front opening or closing it. Since it is colorless, it is not heavy and can be used in various styles.

It seems to be a good balance to go up one size and match it with thick pants! !!

We look forward to your visit and inquiries!

Today's recommendation: Fabio Cannavaro

Former captain of the Italian national team and current manager of Guangzhou Evergrande of the Chinese Super League. A reliable man who pulls with his back with a strong captaincy and tenacious defense. In 2006, he helped the team win the World Cup, and won all the individual titles, including the Ballon d'Or (European Player of the Year), MVP of the Italian Football Federation, UEFA (European Football Federation) Best Eleven, and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) Player of the Year. Please check out the play that left his soul behind a wide range of achievements in the football world, such as objecting to racial discrimination.


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