Hello everyone, this is Sano from GALLERY THE ARMY GYM. Although the state of emergency declaration has been extended, GALLERY THE ARMY GYM has resumed operations from May 15th, so from this time onwards, we will send it to you again.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the 50's BATTLE DRESS PANT that I bought myself and introduced in my previous blog. Introducing this item like a player! ! !

HOSPITAL JACKET-COTTON DENIM / hospital jacket - cotton denim

Item No.80420080010

Needless to say, the fabric feels blog of the other day I also wrote it, but the good thing is the origami! ! This cotton linen denim fabric does not use the cotton linen thread that is used in ordinary cotton linen fabrics, but uses a mixed weave that separates cotton and linen threads and is woven using cotton thread for the warp and linen thread for the weft. It has a unique texture.

The design is based on the British military hospital jacket (worn by sick soldiers). The goodness of this design is that it is a stylish and smart shape that uses the tailoring technique that is the goodness of the British military, even though it is made with no cores. The coolness unique to the British military, which is similar to that of the US military, is still alive! !

And this is also the detail of the British army. That's right, everyone loves it (maybe the wife who does laundry doesn't like it...) It's a change button! ! This button can be removed by fixing the back side with a small ring instead of sewing the button. That's right, as you may have noticed, you can change the attached button to your own vintage button! ! The good thing about this detail is that you can bring out your own color.

You can wear it as a set up, or you can wear the jacket alone with other pants! ! Washing it will give it a different look, so wash it, customize the buttons, and make it your own! !

We are looking forward to your visit and inquiry! !

Today's recommendation: Hotaru Yamaguchi

Volunteer for the current Vissel Kobe. A Japanese anchor with a strong overseas flavor who has a history of representing Japan and inspires the team in both offense and defense (two roles per person). He is a popular player with a godly response to fans that you can't imagine from his wild looks and play. I think stamina and running power are the highlights, so please check it out! !



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