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Hello to everyone reading this blog, this is Sano from Nigel Cabourn Hankyu Men's Tokyo GALLERY THE ARMY GYM.

I think there are many people who are depressed about their appearance in the morning because the rainy season has set in and the humidity makes it difficult to get their hair done this morning. In such a case, if you wear this, we will introduce you to the best. The so-called Kylian Mbappe who can break through an emergency situation with one 2 items with different shapes of the same fabric! ! !

Item No: 80420066003

DECK HAT-COTTON LINEN DENIM / deck hat - cotton linen denim

Item No.80420066004


This is the third time in a row, but this is also a cotton linen denim fabric. After all, it is the best fabric that can be applied to any item! ! Although it has been washed, you can fully wear it from here and enjoy the aging of your own. Take advantage of the fabric's resistance to damage and wash it thoroughly! !

The hat uses the 40S USNAVY hat shape. The vintage has a small inner circumference and a slightly larger brim, but this one has a wider inner circumference and a smaller brim to suit the shape of the Japanese head.

The cap also uses the 40S USNAVY N-3 cap as its design source. The vintage uses herringbone fabric and is sewn with the same color thread, but this one is sewn with white thread to match the denim fabric by adding contrast to the brim and the fabric of the part to be worn.

It was on 20AW DENIM HAT (12.5oz) The shape is the same, but this one is made of thick denim and has not been washed, so it has a dark and hard image. However, this season's item is denim fabric that has been washed and cotton linen, so it has a faded color that looks like it has changed over time. I'm here.

It's been washed, but that's the denim fabric. ! Please put it on and wash it thoroughly in the coming summer instead of the troublesome morning set. I think it's evolving by the time summer ends! !

A denim cap, a medical shirt, railman denim, and plenty of other items that change over time! ! The cap was a little hard to see, so I sent it closer than usual.
We are looking forward to your visit and inquiries! !

Today's review: Kylian Mbappe

Rapid forward belonging to the French national team, Paris Saint-Germain. Not only for the national team and clubs, but also for many individual titles such as France Player of the Year and FIFA World Eleven. Also He is also contributing to society by donating 27,000 pounds (about 3.8 million yen) to the search for the plane crash. But what I wanted to see was the speed! ! It's not normal, it makes me think that only one person is weightless. I'm still coming, but I think the market value will come more in the future, such as the whisper of a real transfer, so please pay attention! !


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