《From casual to beautiful》Jacket coordination

Hello blog readers.

THE ARMY GYM FUKUOKA STORE is located along the main street, but since ladies are displayed in the foreground, female customers have entered the store more often ^^

As a female staff member, I am very happy、、、!

Among them, I felt that there are especially many customers who are 、、、 interested in jackets, so I would like to introduce coordination using jackets.

MAROLLY JACKET / Mallory Jacket

Item No:80430880000

Colour: Navy / Black

Size:6 / 8

A jacket featuring leather elbow patches.

It is a jacket with a feminine silhouette with a slightly sharp waist.

I dared to combine it with military bread.

The combination of military bread and jacket fits perfectly because it is Nigel Cabourn.


Item No:80450880006

Colour: Brown / Blue

Size: 6 / 8

The atmosphere is a little different from the previous jacket.

I bought a jacket of the same shape before, but I recommend it because it can be coordinated in various ways from casual to beautiful.

It's a setup, but I tried to wear it with sneakers and beanies.

Personally, I like this way of wearing ^^

This time, I introduced a coordination that matches the pants!

Of course, you can enjoy various coordination such as a slightly more feminine feeling with a skirt ^^

Let's ♪ think about it together at the store

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