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FILSON, which many people visited last time The POP UP EVENT will be held with even more power.


[Holding period] September 14th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Monday / holiday)

[business hours] 11:00-19:00

*We are normally closed on Wednesdays, but will reopen on the 14th (Wednesday).


There are more items than last time, and we have prepared many autumn and winter items that are not usually available.

looking forward to! !

(*Items will be introduced in the next blog...)

Also this time Filson's Not only POP UP EVENT, The following brands, which are scheduled to be launched from spring/summer 2023, will also be on display.



A hat maker that was born in Florence, Italy in 2011.

Since it is made by hand after receiving an order, it is possible to reduce excess inventory and reduce waste while maintaining the highest quality.

There is also a commitment to raw materials, and consideration is given to the place of origin and the impact on nature. Carefully manufactured with high-quality raw materials.

A hat that can be worn for a long time.


Eyewear brand born in London.

Oscar Dean frames found all over Europe vintage glasses on the base, take time Redesigned, modernized and sublimated, A modern classic finish.

1849 Founded in Italy Completed by hand at the long-established manufacturer "Mazzucelli Acetate", these sunglasses are of irresistible quality and a modern atmosphere.


In the early 1970s, Ranjit P Shah, the grandfather of owner Prasan Shah, brought a trunkful of madras checks to New York and established the company.

The definition of Madras check is "100% cotton yarn dyed", "plain weave with uneven pattern of at least two colors" and most importantly "Indian cotton woven in Madras".

From the arrival of the yarn to the shipment of the product to the warehouse, all processes are done in South India, and the best Madras fabric is made using traditional Indian hand weaving techniques, which are in danger of survival.


Brands with a lot of attention to detail... We are also looking forward to seeing the actual product for the first time.

Please drop in at this opportunity!

For inquiries and reservations by phone or LINE, We accept.

Please feel free to contact us ^^


《Our response to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection》

* We are sanitizing places where hands touch, such as the entrance and fitting room handles.

* We are ventilating the store in a timely manner.

* We thoroughly measure the staff's temperature, wash their hands, disinfect their fingers, and wear masks.

* We have installed a disinfectant at the entrance and ask customers to disinfect their fingers.

* We ask for the cooperation of customers in wearing masks.

* Admission may be restricted to prevent the store from becoming a three-crowded state.

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