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This is shibata from the fukuoka store!

Autumn & Winter Collection 2022 is finally starting.

Today, we would like to introduce the first AW item.

This item is worn!

Item No. 80450070003
Color : Indigo / Green / Khaki

50s Henry Neck Shirt/50s HENLEY NECK SHIRT
Item No. 80450020003
Color: Black / Green / Ivory

M-43 Modified Pants/M-43 Modified Pants
Item No. 80450050003
Color: Green / Khaki

The recommended item this time is the French Hospital Vest - Reversible☆

Duck fabric used for French military vintage wear in the 1940s. Arranged for reversible vest specifications.

The knit tape on the collar is an accent. When worn reversibly, it incorporates French workwear elements, so you can enjoy a variety of coordination. Single color for simple coordination. If you want an accent, use knit tape!

The fabric is also solid, so it is an item that can be worn for many years. It is also a great point that you can wear it without worrying about tearing.

Color: Green

Color: Khaki

Color: Indigo

All three colors are good, so I'm worried. It is an item that I personally think is possible to buy two colors!

Please feel free to contact us by phone as we can discuss sizes and other matters.

Thank you for watching until the end today.

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Fukuoka store Shibata


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