Hello blog readers.

I have been on childcare leave for about one and a half years, this is Okamoto of the Fukuoka store.

I came back the other day, so I will give you another blog, styling, etc. ^^

There is a little blank and I am also nervous, so please be gentle、、、! smile

Here are the items we will introduce this time.


Item No:80450010050



If you go to Nigel, you may have seen it at least once, or many of you already have one.

The very popular medical shirt is coming again this season!

This time, in addition to the classic indigo, khaki and ivory are new.

Nigel medical shirts have some characteristics that are different from ordinary shirts, so I would like to introduce them.

First of all, the dough is partially double-layered.

A typical shirt has two layers of fabric from the entire circumference of the armholes to the shoulders and back.

This will firmly reinforce the area of the upper body centered on both arms, which have the most exercise.

In addition, the arm part from the cuff to the elbow has a double structure, and it is designed to withstand hard use.

How is it breathable with such a double structure? Don't you wonder?

If you look closely at the shirt, you can see four chrysanthemum holes on the back and three on the sides.

This chrysanthemum hole serves as a ventilation function.

It looks like a relatively simple specification, but it means that there are round holes in the fabric. This can cause the dough to be destroyed.

(Because the fabric is composed of warp yarn and weft yarn, and the connection between them will be broken.) )

A special sewing machine is used to precisely process the part with increased strength so that it can withstand long-term wear.

Looking at these characteristics, you can imagine that the ascent of Mount Everest was harsh、、、!

I was reminded that the interesting thing about Nigel is not only the design, but also the fact that each item conveys the old scene.

I would like to convey this charm to everyone again at the store and blog ^^

Finally, let's talk about the styling of the staff.

(Staff wear a size 50.) I am doing laundry once. )

It's a popular item every year, so if you're interested, be quick!

We accept inquiries and reservations by phone or LINE.

Please feel free to contact us ^^


《 Our response to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection 》

* We disinfect places that can be touched, such as entrances and fitting room handles.

* We ventilate the store in a timely manner.

※ We thoroughly measure the temperature of our staff, wash their hands, disinfect their fingers, and wear masks.

※ We install disinfectant at the entrance and ask customers to disinfect their hands.

* We ask for your cooperation in wearing masks.

* Admission may be restricted so that the inside of the store does not become a three-density state.

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