《AW22 New Arrivals》VOLENDAM Series

Dear Blog Readers,

Hello. This is Kamata from FLAGSHIP STORE. How long have I been waiting for this moment? Finally, this season's "Highly Watched" Series has arrived.

Auspicious autumn. Let's take a look. It's the best workmanship.

Volendam Jacket - Hemp Denim / VOLENDAM JACKET - Hemp Denim
Item No : 80450080005
Colour : Indigo / Charcoal
Size : 46 / 48 / 50 / 52

French Army Best - FRENCH ARMY VEST - Hemp Denim
Item No : 80450070005
Colour : Indigo / Charcoal
Size : 46 / 48 / 50 / 52

Volendam Pants - Hemp Denim / VOLENDAM PANT - Hemp Denim
Item No : 80450050005
Colour : Indigo / Charcoal
Size : 30 / 32 / 34

You wear an aura that is not a stranger.

The "VOLENDAM Series", which received a response at reservation meetings and INSTA LIVE, is now available. Thank you for waiting, this season is decided.

Nigel Cabourn has created a number of consistently thematic items as a brand that values functional beauty and rigidity against the backdrop of WORK and MILITARY.

In such a situation, this is a crook anyway. But that's good.

We focused on a certain "national costume" that is characterized by a unique and impressive design. In keeping with this season's theme, "VOLENDAM" even feels like the door to a new Nigel Cabourn has opened. I would like to dig deeper.



【What is VOLENDAM?】

A fishing village in the province of Noord-Holland in the western Netherlands. In other words, the place name is derived. From the capital city of Amsterdam, it takes about 30 minutes by bus.

It faces IJsselmeer and is known for its classic buildings and impressive national costumes that have been preserved for six centuries. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and cityscape, and many tourists still visit it.

This time, I was inspired by the national costumes of the area during the Korean War (50s).

At that time, the costumes were inspired by this product, with women wearing striped attire and pointy hats, and men wearing thick pants and wooden shoes.

Traditional customs remain and it is also a place where many artists have come to live.

For more information, it may be a good idea to search on the Internet and look it up. Learning about the background of the place, such as the atmosphere and costumes, is one of the ways to enjoy clothes.


※Staff KamataSize:46 ( Height 175cm)

This product features a double-breasted collar. It is based on the costumes worn by men in this area.

While the original has pockets on the sides, this product adds the essence of MILITARY and is designed in a position where it is easy to use the slash pocket. This is Nigel Cabourn's original design in pursuit of functional beauty.


※Staff KamataSize:32 (Height 175cm)

※Staff Endo Size: 34 (height 186cm)

Outstanding impact. This is also a motif of the national costume worn by men at that time.

First of all, the width of the watari and the width of the hem are out of standard. The hem width exceeds 30 cm.

There is no belt loop, and the front opening type details reminiscent of lunch pants are adopted. This is also an element that core fans cannot stand because of the heritage attitude that does not destroy the atmosphere of the time. It's numbing, isn't it?

Since it can be worn tucked in with a jacket or vest, the waist is also made larger, and it is recommended to choose one size lower than usual.


※Staff Kamata: 46 (height 175cm)

※Staff Endo wearingSize: 50 (height 186cm)

The distinctive vest, which is buttoned diagonally from the shoulders to the stomach, is based on vintage French work wear.

I am impressed by the design unique to Europe that does not forget to be fashionable even when working.

FABRIC uses Nigel Cabourn's legendary treasure sword, "HEMP DENIM". "HEMP", the strongest material among natural materials, is finished with DENIM's weave, and it is the supreme fabric with the same breathability and heat retention, which are usually contradictory.

Colour uses indigo-dyed Blue, while Charcoal uses Reactive dye.

Reactive dyeing is a method in which dyes are absorbed into fibers and then alkalinity is added, and the dye and fibers are bonded by a chemical reaction. Compared to new, you can enjoy the aging that gradually changes color.

AW22 is in full swing.

To be honest, I personally feel that the VOLENDAM Series had the most impact at the exhibition.

The AW lineup will continue to increase in the future. The season to look forward to has arrived. Standard items are good, but these items with a strong seasonal color are not in large quantities, so they tend to be difficult to obtain if you don't get them now.

It is in stock all over the country. We recommend that you visit a nearby store as soon as possible.


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We sincerely look forward to your registration.

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