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SS22 "LYBRO" has been launched, and it is the intermission of the spring/summer season. SS22 Spring/Summer Collection "LYBRO" is now in stock with the popular product "DUNGAREE series", which is not an exaggeration to say that it is the face of Nigel Cabourn.


Item No. 80441350500

Colour : Indigo,Green

There was a product of the same name in the AW21, but the cargo pocket has been revived with different specifications from the last time, and the monkey pocket at the hip part is not this time, and it has become a design that pursues more convenience in everyday life.

THE IMAGE IS FROM THE PREVIOUS COLLECTION OF FACTORY DUNGAREE. If you compare it with this collection, you can see the difference at a glance.

And this time too, JAPANESE DENIM was used.

Different fabric from the last time.

Although it is denim, it looks like a wig and gives a softer impression than the previous denim. Moderate thickness for wearing in spring and summer.

The design source is the same US military cargo pants P-44, commonly known as "monkey pants", which is the same as the US military N-1 deck pants. The N-1 deck pants were used by the U.S. Navy (U.S. NAVY) was actually adopted and supplied with cold work pants. Developed as winter clothing for naval soldiers working on harsh decks with rain, snow and cold winds, the outer fabric was made of thick, sturdy fabrics. Anyway, the design is sturdy and has excellent cold protection. The reason behind the adoption of the overalls design, which does not require a belt at the waist, was to protect the clothes worn inside from dirt, friction, wind and rain, and to protect against the cold.

Based on such N-1 deck pants, the design of the US Marine Corps and P-44 is fused.

While making use of its original practicality, the design that has been incorporated into town use does not fade even after many years, and it continues to fascinate the wearer. In addition, vintage N-1 deck pants have wool on the liner, which makes it very heavy and difficult to stretch when worn, but this product is not heavy and can be worn comfortably.

If you have worn it, you will know that it is easy to coordinate and combined with the convenience of the product, it is an item that you will easily pick up.

Take a look at our past coordination of Mr. Nigel.

If you look at Mr. Nigel's coordination, the matching method differs depending on the material and color, so even if you already have it, you will want a new one.

In the first image, Mr. Nigel wears a cut and sew with a Henry neck, which is a German cut-and-sew manufacturer "Merz b. Schwanen" thing.

Merz b.Schwanen #207

Item No. 80413020030

Colour : white,army,navy,black

The Chambray shirt in the second image is a Prisoner shirt released in the previous season.


Item No. 80421110500

Colour : blue,green

Nigel Cabourn

A few Prisoner shirts are also available at the store. If you are a DUNGAREE beginner, you can combine it with this shirt to create a coordinated finish! !!

We can't take our eyes off the DUNGAREE series this season as well.

We look forward to your inquiries and visits.

【My Ramen Road】4th cup

It's still cold in February.

Introducing one cup you want to eat on such a cold day

In front of Itabashi Ward Office: Asahi Town Association Miso Char Siu Noodles

Recently, Okubo has been addicted to Junsumi-based miso ramen * Junsumi-kei is a famous junren Sumire kara Yura in Hokkaido

The rich soup is covered with a lard film and eaten hot until the end. Be careful not to burn yourself on the first bite!

If you are a pure neighborhood in Tokyo, Oshima, Santora, and Asahi neighborhood associations are recommended. Among them, the Asahi Neighborhood Association, which has a relatively small lineup, uses it in heavy rotation.

Access is not good, but it is a cup that you should definitely taste.

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