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Classic: Basic products that have stable demand and are not affected by trends.

Nigel Cabourn also has a standard product. But not always as much as you can buy. Thankfully, there is a situation where size shortages occur early in stock.

One of the staples that has been supported by all Nigel Cabourn lovers for a long time is back in stock.


Item No . 80440050020

Colour : Beige

A high-density fabric that makes West Point Chino.

Although it is a famous story, the origin of West Point is a place name. It is connected to the name of the fabric because it was used at the West Point Military Academy of the US Army in this area.

Since it was a military school, higher quality fabric was used than general chinoscloth. General chino cloth is woven with single yarn, but West Point Chino is woven with double yarn and has a strong and moderate luster. The luster is not glossy and has a strong dry touch, and it changes to a rough look with each wash.

Beige is a color with a wide range of coordination. Pants that change their expression and become attached to them the more they are worn.

The photo is what I wore for about 5 years.

The attached button that can withstand aging is the Korozo button. A button made by shaving the fruit of a taguwa palm tree.

Since it is a natural material, repeated washing causes aging due to ultraviolet rays. The buttons that change with the fabric are also part of Nigel Cabourn's commitment.

Wearing size: 32 (height 176cm)

Of course, the staff, including me, have different colors, and some of them have multiple beige that we have introduced this time. At the beginning of wearing them, at the stage of growing up moderately, one of my own attachments.

Please give it a try.

We sincerely look forward to your visit and inquiry staff.


"My Ramen Way" 3rd cup

This time, we will introduce one cup that you will want to eat several times a year.

Shibuya : Kiraku Chinese noodles

A long-established store in Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Kiraku

The soy sauce base is charred and the flavor of green onions becomes unbearable. The noodles are flat pre-puri noodles and have a pleasant texture.

There is a shop that offers ramen similar to Kiraku, but it is said that its roots are a Chinese restaurant that used to exist in Oimachi. There is no problem with any of the ramen shops in this series.

I think many people know this restaurant, but I introduced it this time because it is one cup that I have been eating since I was 20 years old. One of the staples in me. Please taste it in Shibuya before coming to Nakameguro.

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