《Craftsmanship》 New Basic T-shirt - Chusen / NEW BASIC T-SHIRT - CHUSEN DYE

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Please let me introduce this item.


Item No. 80420021007

Colour: Blue / Khaki

ナイジェルケーボン カットソー ベーシックT 半袖

As you can see from the photo, he is a "definite guy".

The model is the classic NEW BASIC T-SHIRT that was reluctant last spring and summer. Using open-ended yarn with excellent moisture absorption and breathability, round body, freedom sleeve specification, fabric, mold alone is the best, but + α and dyed with an excellent atmosphere.

The dyeing method is "pour dyeing" and "tie-dyeing"

"Zhu-dyeing" is a type of traditional pattern dyeing that was born in the early Meiji period, in which a part of the dyeing is prevented with a special glue, and dye is poured over the layered fabric. Familiar items are used for washcloths, yukatas, etc.

Nigel Cabourn has a strong image of the military and work, but one of the major attractions of MAIN LINE is that it makes full use of the technology that can only be done with such Japan production.

This item is dyed with glue on the lower handle.

What I would like you to pay attention to here is that in the case of normal pour-dyeing, glue is applied and dye is added from the top of the flat state, but this product uses "tie-dyeing" in which the fabric is squeezed and dyed. Anti-dyeing in the squeezed state is a highly difficult technique to determine how the pattern comes out and apply glue.

ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

Therefore, it seems that it is not known whether the pattern is beautifully contained until it is finished. It's a one-shot game.

This anti-dyeing design alone is quite cool, but the dyeing is further changed at the top and bottom. Instead of just dyeing with two colors, the amount of dye is adjusted so that the boundary part is not unnatural. It seems that this is also difficult, and it was difficult to finish the sample.

ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

I went to a clothing school, so I had done anti-dyeing and tie-dyeing, and I was impressed by the skill of a veteran craftsman who can dye so beautifully、、、

It is available in two colors: blue and khaki.

ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

None of Nigel Cabourn's cut and sew are off, but I think this one is outstanding. Since the dyeing is done by hand, there is also the added value that the expression of each item is different, making it an unbearable piece for clothes lovers.

Please give it a try.


ナイジェルケーボン 注染 カットソー ベーシックtシャツ

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