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With the arrival of spring, it has become a season that feels like the end of winter. This time, I would like to introduce one outfit that I would like to recommend at the change of season.

AW20 has many popular items such as the return of the P coat and hemp denim, and many of you may have missed this item.


Item No. 80410030010

ナイジェルケーボン ブルゾン 日本製

Honestly, it's insanely good. Nigel Cabourn is exquisitely good at modifying vintage wear, and this piece is a stark example of that.

The vintage we are sampling will be the N-2 deck rain hoodie adopted by the U.S. NAVY in the '40s. In the vintage, it has a rubber coating that makes it water-repellent, making it an item that was operated to protect itself from rain and wind.

In addition, the first distribution of this rain hoodie is the form in which the front is laced up, but this product is a clip type, which is a rare model.

ナイジェルケーボン ブルゾン 日本製

Moreover, it is not a pullover so that it is easy to town use, but has been modified to the specifications vacated in front. This is Nigel cabourn.

ナイジェルケーボン ブルゾン 日本製

Honestly, if you have a zip, you don't need a clip design. However, I think that the use of this clip represents the brand Nigel Cabourn, which pays homage to vintage wear.

It also has a breast pocket that is not found in vintage. It plays a sober role when putting tickets and keys.

ナイジェルケーボン ミリタリージャケット ブルゾン 海軍

At that time, it was coated with rubber to protect against rain and wind, but this product uses VINTAGE TWILL, Nigel Cabourn's original fabric.

ナイジェルケーボン ミリタリージャケット ブルゾン 海軍

Some fabrics such as vintage wear and military wear are 50 to 100 years old. Yarn that has passed over a long period of time is affected by moisture and sunlight, etc., creating a dry touch and tension that is dry. This is a product of time, so it is extremely difficult to reproduce it with modern technology.

However, Nigel Cabourn has revived this fabric in the present day through trial and error, including weaving design and finishing recipes.

Pants using this VINTAGE TWILL are also on sale on SS21. For more information, please see this blog.

At that time, it was made oversized so that it could be worn outside to beat the rain and wind, but this product is not too big or too small, and it has an exquisite size feeling that does not cause any problem even if you wear knitwear or sweatshirts inside.

ナイジェルケーボン アメリカ海軍 ブルゾン

ナイジェルケーボン アメリカ海軍 ブルゾン

This kind of green blouson is unlikely. You can enjoy the unique silhouette because the length is short and the design is generously wide.

This item is full of the "charm of modification" woven by Nigel Cabourn. Isn't it just the right blouson for early spring?


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