《For Summer》Overall Styling

Hello everyone. This is Hirai from the Nakameguro store.

The rainy season has started in many places. If you get past this period, summer is just around the corner.
While thinking about the fine weather, today we will introduce some recommended styling for summer.

The main item used is overalls, which is one of the icons of the Nigel Cabourn.
An item with a protagonist-class presence.
Since it has a loose size, it is sure to be useful even on hot days.

Naval Dungaree-Cotton Herringbone / NAVAL DUNGAREE - COTTON HERRINGBONE
Item No.80441350550

First this way.
A reprint version of the model that became popular in.
While maintaining the atmosphere of that time, the shoulder straps and zippers have been updated.
Speaking of which, many people must imagine this.
Last at the Nakameguro store 1 We have prepared points, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!
Item Details Here

Suzuki: Height 157cm / Wearing size 44

: Injection Die big T / INJECTION-DYE BIG-T Wearing Size 6

Casual styling to make you feel like summer.
Pale yellow T Pair it with a shirt for a summery tropical look.
The soft green color goes well with colored and patterned tops.
I hope you enjoy the happy summer styling.

Factory Dungaree Denim / FACTORY DANGAREE DENIM
Item No.80441350550
ColourIndigo / Green
Size42 / 44

Here's what's next.
An item that arranges the NAVAL DANGAREE mentioned earlier.
You can eliminate the monkey pocket on the back and enjoy a clean silhouette despite being oversized.
The fabric is 10oz Japanese denim. It is very comfortable to wear with a moderate luster and soft fabric feeling.

Suzuki: Height 157cm / Wearing size 42

TOP:SAILOR TANK TOP Wearing size 6

Tank top + overalls.
I really recommend this combination. At the Nakameguro store, the iron plate styling. It moderately neutralizes the overalls style that tends to be mens-like.
If you have never combined it with a tank top, please give it a try、、! It's just cute.

Hirai: Height 165cm / Wearing size 44

BLOUSE:Gather Color Blouse / GATHER COLLAR BLOUSE Wearing size 8
TOP:SAILOR TANK TOP Wearing size 8

Turn on a feather weave to style with a tank top. It is an awning protection version. I added feminine items that make me feel good.
It is also recommended to enjoy the feeling of detachment by matching unexpected items such as shoes with ruffles and heels.
THE casual overalls actually have a wide range of styling.

In the end From MAIN LINE, this item

40s N-2
Deckway Dress / 40s N-2 DECK WEAR DRESS
Item No. 80440853000
Khaki / Navy
6 / 8

The long-awaited skirt type. SS22 It was one of the most popular items in the collection.
Deckware pants worn by American troops of the era are arranged into salopette skirts. The bio-washed fabric feels good on the skin and is comfortable to wear on hot summer days.
By the way, the staff ownership rate No1 Item.
There are only a few left, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.

Suzuki: Height 157cm / Wearing size 6

WSW03 [ Merz b. Schwanen ] Wearing size 4

Loose x Loose
I tried to style it refreshingly by combining pale blue with a tight navy color.
On holidays, you can enjoy fashionable in a rough and casual way.

Sugita: Height 157cm / Wearing size 6

WT08 [ Merz b. Schwanen ] Wearing size 4
BALLERINA SLIPPERS [ Laurentien Chief ]

This is also loosely sized.
Choosing an oversized design for the tank top will also bring out the femininity.

Summer overalls are good, aren't they?
We hope you will enjoy various styling according to the scene.

Well, finally the day after tomorrow 6 moon 17 sun (gold) than Sample Sale will start!!
It is one of the events that we staff look forward to every time.

In tomorrow's blog, I will introduce some of the samples.
Please take a look.


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